Understanding Internet Credit Cards Fraud

Internet Credit Cards Fraud - Problem of Credit Cards Users

Internet credit cards fraud is now very alarming since both the online buyers and sellers are its biggest victims.

Even well-established and known online companies such as Expedia.com continuously suffer losses in internet fraud.

Similarly, thousands of credit card owners are also becoming the targeted victims of all kinds of credit cards fraud.

The Internet is one of the main routes for card fraud against online merchants because the credit card is not physically presented during the transaction.

Several measures are implemented to prevent fraud, but most of the time is proven ineffective and fraudulent activities still prevail.

Credit Cards Fraud Schemes

Internet Credit Cards Fraud - How to detect fraud

Internet credit cards fraud is now very common since most people are into online banking and online shopping.

Due to these modern technological practices, schemes for credit cards fraud are also becoming widespread that include:

  1. PhishingPhishing is a method of fraud using e-mail wherein the perpetrator will send out seemingly legitimate email with the purpose of getting important financial and personal information from addressees.Usually, the email message would look like coming from trustworthy and popular sites.The information gathered from those who responded will then be used for fraudulent activities such as identity theft.
  2. Identity TheftCredit card identity theft is a kind of fraud in which the perpetrator obtains credit card information from a victim in order to pretend to be the owner of the card and make large purchases.Oftentimes, the crimes committed by the pretender are ascribed to the victim.
  3. HackingHacking is a computer activity in which a hacker attempt to infiltrate the victim’s computer to gather information for fraudulent activities.
  4. SkimmingSkimming is done by stealing information about a credit card through photocopying of receipts or card scanner.
  5. Stealing Credit Card PhysicallyStealing the credit card itself is the most primitive way of getting information.If the theft was done through force and the victim is aware, the incident can easily be reported and the card can be frozen to prevent any purchases.However, if done through pick pocket and other means without the victim knowing of the theft, the incident cannot be reported immediately to prevent purchases and other possible crimes.

Protection Against Internet Credit Card Fraud

Internet Credit Cards Fraud - Credit Cards Protection

With Internet credit cards fraud occurring everywhere, protecting yourself should be your primary concern.

It is a proactive effort on your part. You cannot assume that it will not happen to you.

The truth is, it can happen even to the most knowledgeable or famous person.

One protection against internet fraud is to be suspicious of legitimate-looking e-mails that ask for updates on financial and personal information.

If you feel that you have been victimized, report immediately to proper authorities.

If you receive credit cards that you don’t want, destroy them completely.

Make sure that any form or receipt with your name and card number are shredded or ripped.

If it can be avoided, don’t give information about your credit card unless very necessary.

Be observant and check your credit reports, credit card report, and monthly billing for purchases that you didn’t make or credit cards issued to you that you are not aware of.

Internet credit cards fraud is one thing that you wouldn’t want, but is inevitable.

So, the best is to be careful in using your credit card.

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