How is JPMorgan Chase and Company Able to Survive through the Years?

What kind of a bank JPMorgan Chase and Company is? Is it a good bank or a bad bank?

Having survived the many ups and downs in the country’s economy, we can say that it is a good bank.

In order to become a good bank, there are several factors to be considered. Among these factors are as follows:

JPMorgan Chase and Company - Good Bank

Low Interest Fees on Loans – With the present unstable economy, most people are borrowing money. Is the bank able to charge low interest fees on loans? If yes, it means it is well funded and stable.

High Interests on Deposits – We often notice that when the economy is bad, banks are lowering their interest rates on deposits. If a bank is able to give high interest rates, it means they are a good bank to deal with.

High interest on Investments – Investments are good assets and banks that give high interest on investments are worth keeping.

Low Bank Charges – There are several banks that will seemingly give you benefits by providing free savings or checking account, but will charge high fees on related services.

Added Service – A bank that can provide you with added service such as sending money overseas, making a trust plan and more is a good bank.

Big is not always Better – Tall buildings, massive advertising, and impressive offices are not necessarily indicative of a good bank. What is important are the numbers written on the bank’s balance sheet?

JPMorgan Chase and Company is currently serving millions of consumers, government institutions, world’s well-known corporations, and small businesses and is committed to help move the country forward.

How JPMorgan Helps the Country Move Forward

JPMorgan Chase and Company has been supporting projects that deal with the country’s growth and development. It has always been the responsibility of the bank to provide assistance for the betterment not only of the country, but of the people as well.

This commitment is evidenced by some of the bank’s undertakings:

JPMorgan Chase and Company - Helps

  • Assistance in Education– Chase bank has donated since 2005 to education almost $340 million. Part of this is the support the bank gave to science and math professors at FSU.
  • Jobs for Military Personnel – This is an opportunity for 100,000 transitioning military servicemen get job after their military service.
  • Community Projects – School for the Deaf in Michigan, school supplies backpacking project, community service and volunteerism of bank employees, and support programs for affordable housing as just some of the projects of the bank to help different communities in the country.

Technology and the JPMorgan Chase and Company

Technology plays a very important role in banking nowadays. With advance technology, banking is made more convenient to the depositors and businesses.

JPMorgan Chase and Company - Credit Cards

However, the application of advance technology to the banking system took years of tests and careful thought.

Chase has been open to these changes in order to provide better service and security to its clients.

As a matter of fact, Chase is coming soon with its simpler and clearer website to better serve its depositors and clients.

Online banking is an innovation that is most beneficial to depositors all over the world.

JPMorgan Chase and Company helps people avoid frauds and scams through its Security Center.