The Rewards of Owning Amyali Titanium and Platinum Cards

Amyali Titanium and Platinum cards are among the most rewarding credit cards to own.

With these credit cards, you can travel wherever you want with the air miles you have earned.

Amyali Titanium credit cards and Amyali Platinum credit cards are both Shariah compliant cards that offer higher credit limit than other cards.

Amyali Titanium and Platinum - Rewards

You can avail of quality offers and best discounts at major hotels and related services from MasterCard or Visa.

When you travel, you are entitled to access airport lounges and concierge services around the world. You can also avail free travel insurance in agreement with the insurance policy.

This summer, Ace Travel offers Special Summer Travel Packages for Amyali Platinum and Titanium cardholders. You can use your Amyali air miles to book for tour packages, hotel stays, and travel services.

You can definitely have more travel, airline, and tour choices with these credit cards.

Every purchase you make with your Platinum and Titanium cards earn air miles that you can convert to air tickets.

If in case your air miles are not sufficient, you can easily pay the balance with your credit card.

Now, isn’t that very rewarding indeed?

All About Amyali Titanium and Platinum Credit Cards

Amyali Titanium and Platinum cards from NCB are Islamic credit cards that have an annual fee of SR 700.

In order to be eligible to these credit cards, the customer should have a minimum income of SR 25,000 per month.

A monthly rate of two percent is charged to the outstanding balance on the credit card, and if there are transactions in foreign currencies; the foreign exchange rate of 2.75 percent applies.

For every SR 1 that you spend using your credit card, you earn 1.5 miles.

You can redeem your earned Amyali air miles to any location with any airlines. You may also exchange your earned miles with any of the company’s transfer partners’ programs.

When you purchase from any of the selected partners, you can double your miles.

All your purchases are shown in your monthly statements, which makes it easy for you to monitor your spending and payments.

You can choose the payment option you want starting from five percent of your total billing.

Amyali Titanium and Platinum - Features

These credit cards can give you the peace of mind in making easy and secured purchases since these cards are accepted by over thirty two million establishments worldwide.

Free Supplementary Credit Cards are available for you to avail for three of your family members.

You can very well enjoy your earned miles from 1st of May 2012 since they will expire only after three years.

Amyali Titanium and Platinum Cards’ Travel Insurance

Amyali Titanium and Platinum credit cards owners are entitled for a travel insurance coverage for up to SR 750,000 under the Himayati and Himayati Plus insurance programs.

This means that cardholders are covered against flight cancellation, accidents, and luggage delay or loss.

For unforeseen events, you can avail up to SR 225,000 to settle balances on your credit card.

In case of accidental death, your family is entitled to receive cash equivalent to the amount of your credit card balances.




Amyali Gold Card and It’s Benefits and Features

Amyali Gold Card or credit cards have ample benefits and features that will surely provide you with complete satisfaction.

Amyali Gold Card - Features and Benefits

These credit cards provide you with an introductory offer of 25,000 bonus miles when you activate your credit card and purchase SAR10, 000 and more.

You can also redeem your Amyali Miles at any destination with any airlines or transfer your Amyali miles to any of the company’s transfer partners’ programs.

How to transfer? You can do the transfer by swapping your Amyali Miles with points or miles in any of the partners’ hotel guest programs or airline frequent flyer programs.

The transfer partners include Enrich of Malaysian Airlines, Privilege Club of Qatar Airways, Kris Flyer of Singapore Airlines, and Hilton Hnonors.

A good example of this is if you are a member of the Qatar Airways frequent flyer program, you can swap your Amyali Miles for a free flight ticket and other benefits.

When you purchase at any of the company’s selected partners, you can earn double miles.

With Amyali Gold credit cards, you can get free travel insurance that can cover for your hospitalization and medical expenses abroad, accidental death, sickness, and others.

Another good thing about these credit cards is that you can accumulate more Amyali Miles when your supplementary credit cards are also used.

The minimum salary requirement to avail of these credit cards is SR 8,000 and you can apply either online or at any of the branch offices.

Take note that if you purchase or get cash advance in other currencies, the foreign exchange rate is 2.75%.

However, if you avail of the balance transfer for six months, you can get discounted rates.

Amyali Gold Card - Loyalty Program

These credit cards are Islamic cards and are accepted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and most countries in the world.

The annual fee for these cards is SR400 and cashback is not offered for these cards.

For every SAR 1 that you spent using these credit cards, you will earn 1.25 miles.  As mentioned earlier, you can redeem your earned Amyali Miles at any airlines and to any destinations.

If you prefer, you can even transfer your earned miles to the airlines loyalty program. Frequent flyer credit cards cannot provide you the benefit of redeeming your Amyali Miles for free flight tickets on any airline of your choice.

The Amyali Gold Card Loyalty Program

Amyali Gold Card is entitled to be a member of the Amyali Loyalty Program whereby the more you use your Gold credit card, the more you earn Amyali Miles.

A Gold card gets 1.25 mile points for every SAR 1 spent.

To qualify to the Loyalty Program, an individual should own a valid Amyali Gold credit card from NCB.

Upon activation of your credit card, you are automatically registered with the Miles Program of Amyali.

In order to earn and redeem Amyali Miles, your credit card should be valid and activated. Your account should also be updated.

All local and international purchases and transactions using your Amyali Gold credit card are qualified to earn Amyali Miles and are valid up to five years since the date of their inclusion to your account.




A Host of Benefits from Amyali Classic Card

Amyali Classic Card is one of those credit cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers a balance transfer program as part of its host of benefits.

The balance transfer program enables an Amyali credit card owner to transfer credit card balances from credit cards issued by other bank in Saudi Arabia to their NCB credit card and take advantage of the many benefits.

This program is amazingly helpful for most cardholders in avoiding the hassles of making balance transfers.

Amyali credit card offer is loaded with great benefits and features that every cardholder wants in their card.

These benefits include the following:

Amyali Classic Card - Card Benefits

  • Insurance coverage is one of the exciting benefits from these cards which amount up to SAR 750,000 for flight cancellation, personal accident, and luggage loss or delay. The Himayati and Himayati Plus can settle your card balance in the event of unavoidable circumstances up to SAR 225,000. It also provides your family with funds in case of accidental death in the amount equal to your Classic credit card balance.
  • Instant Cash service is provided through all financial institutions and ATMs all over the world.
  • Ala Dofaat Program is a program whereby cardholders are allowed to pay in installments for large purchases.
  • Discounts and Special Offers are offered to cardholders at top caliber shops, restaurants, international hotels, and many more.
  • Monthly Statements are given to cardholders in order for them to keep track of all their purchases.
  • Supplementary Credit Cards are provided up to three family members for free.
  • Worldwide Acceptance, card members can enjoy using their credit cards because their acceptance at over thirty two million establishments worldwide.
  • Interest Free Period is also offered to cardholders to enjoy.
  • Besides all these benefits, the number one advantage of these cards is the peace of mind they provide to card owners; the peace of mind to make secured and easy purchases.

    Amyali Classic Card and the Amyali Loyalty Program

    Using Amyali Classic Card for all purchases is a great advantage. Through the Amyali Loyalty Program, cardholders have the opportunity to earn Amyali Miiles every time they their Classic credit cards.

    Amyali Classic credit cards earn one mile for every one SAR spent on all purchases. However, to be eligible to this program, the card must be valid and updated.

    Upon activation of the credit card, the cardmember is automatically registered into the program.

    In order to enjoy the earned miles, cardholders should see to it that their cards are updated and have no delinquent payments. Otherwise, they cannot redeem the earned points.

    The Amyali Miles in your account are valid up to five years and are redeemable at least seventy two hours before the date of your departure.

    Amyali Classic Card - Loyalty ProgramIf the miles you earned is not enough for a flight ticket, you may pay the difference using your credit card.


    However, make sure that you will not change your booking in order to avoid penalty charges. If you have inquiry about your credit card and your earned miles, you can always contact the bank through their website.




    Knowing About Tayseer Classic Credit Cards and Secure e-Shopping

    Tayseer Classic Credit Cards and Secure e-Shopping are two of the many amazing products and services from NCB that most people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoy.

    Tayseer Classic Credit Cards - About the Cards

    NCB has a full range of wonderful products and services for various facilities such as banking, financial and non-financial services, and financing.

    Credit cards fall under the banking services and are among the best products of NCB.

    Beneficial Features and Offers of Tayseer Classic Credit Cards

    Tayseer Classic Credit Cards are credit cards that allow you to earn cash back each time you make a retail purchase.

    The cash back is earned both locally and internationally, so the more you purchase; the more cash back you can get.

    These credit cards have an annual fee of SR 200 and an applicant should have a minimum income of SR 2,500 per month in order to be qualified.

    If you purchase in other currencies, the exchange rate of 2.75% will apply to the card.

    As for the cash back earnings, the details are as follows:

    • When you use the credit card at participating partners, you will get up to fifteen percent cash back
    • Using the card at all the other merchants, you will get up to two percent cash back.

    For your payments, you can avail of the interest-free options for up to fifty days. However, this offer is an exclusive promotion.

    If you carry a balance transfer, you can get discounted rate for up to six months.

    Why Tayseer Classic Credit Cards Need Secure e-Shopping

    Tayseer Classic Credit Cards are more enjoyable to use if you know that you have peace of mind and that you are secured while using them.

    You can attain peace of mind for a secured shopping through the new service from Visa/MasterCard and NCB called Secure e-Shopping.

    This service provides extra security when you use your credit card for online shopping by being protected from unauthorized usage.

    How does the system works? With Secure e-Shopping, you will be given a SecureCode password that you must enter correctly when purchasing online at a participating seller.

    Tayseer Classic Credit Cards - Secured e-Shopping

    The seller can have a confirmation that you are the authorized cardholder and they will process the transaction.

    Therefore, even if another person knows your Credit Card Number, he or she cannot use your card.

    You need not worry about using the Secure e-Shopping services because it is very easy to use. The system will ask for your SecureCode password and you can easily enter your password.

    However, you must take note that each credit card will have its own SecureCode. So, if you have a joint account, each of you will have to register for a password.

    If you want to change your password, you may easily do so by following instructions after you access the Account Management link which is found on the home page.

    Remember that you are the only person who knows your SecureCode password, so try to keep it discreetly and don’t forget.

    Even NCB does not know your SecureCode, what NCB has is the scrambled version of your SecureCode.

    That is how the system is so secure and provides security for your shopping online.




    Why the Kingdom Likes Tayseer Titanium And Platinum Creditcards

    If Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards can give the highest cashback rewards, then the Kingdom will surely like these credit cards.

    In fact, these credit cards do give the highest cashback rewards in the Arabian Kingdom.

    When you use your Tayseer credit cards at any international and local merchant, you get up to two percent cash back.

    Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards - Card Services

    On the other hand, you will receive three percent up to thirty percent cash back when you purchase at selected Tayseer AlAhli partners.

    These credit cards are both Shariah compliant and have higher credit limits than the regular credit cards.

    With these credit cards, you can obtain cash advances up to fifty percent of your credit limits.

    If you need legal and medical counseling, you can get them anywhere in the world.

    Not only that, you can even have  access to airport lounges around the world such as Jeddah Airport, Dubai Airports, Riyadh Airport, and many more.

    And if you need an emergency replacement of your card, you can do it worldwide.

    These features and services make Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards very well-liked by the people in the Kingdom.

    Similarities and Differences Between Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards

    Both Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards are the most exclusive cash back rewards cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The introductory offer upon activation is offered for both credit cards whereby when you purchase SR 20,000 and more, you can get bonus cash back of SR 700.

    Cardholders can avail of travel insurance up to the amount of SR 750,000 against flight cancellation, delay or loss of luggage, and personal accident.

    Payment options for these credit cards are flexible. You can choose to pay at least five percent of your total monthly billing or pay the entire balance.

    You can also avail of the interest-free payments for up to fifty days for your installment payments.

    After that, you will be charged with two percent interest on the outstanding balance monthly.

    Both credit cards are Islamic credit cards and carry a 2.75 percent foreign exchange rate when purchasing in other currencies.

    If you will have balance transfer, you can obtain a discounted rate for up to six months.

    After learning about the similarities of both credit cards, their differences are as follows:

    The Unique Features of Tayseer Titanium Credit Cards

    Tayseer Titanium and Platinum Creditcards - Card Features

    In order to qualify for these credit cards, you must have a minimum income or salary of SR 15,000 per month.

    These credit cards carry an annual fee of SR 600

    Exclusive for Tayseer Platinum Credi Cards

    Cardholders of Tayseer Platinum credit cards have an edge over other credit cards because they can avail of concierge services.

    You must have a minimum salary or income of SR 25,000 monthly in order to qualify for these credit cards.

    The annual fee for these cards is SR 700 and you get a higher credit limit than the Titanium credit cards.



    The Value of NCB Tayseer Credit Cards

    Reward yourself with cashback by using NCB Tayseer Credit Cards on all your retail purchases.

    NCB Tayseer Credit Cards - Cashback

    Have up to fifteen percent cashback when purchasing at any participating partners and you can do this for both local and international transactions.

    Cardholders can grab the opportunity of enjoying the best cashback rewards in Saudi through Platinum or Titanium cards.

    The cashback is up to two percent when the cards are used at any merchant locally and internationally.

    Better yet, get cashback from three percent up to thirty percent at all selected Tayseer partners.

    Monitoring of cashback is simple through the monthly credit card statement that shows all purchases a cardholder made.

    Additionally, the rewarded bonus can be easily viewed online in detail.

    More Valuable Benefits from NCB Tayseer Credit Cards

    Shopping Benefits

    Other than cashback, Tayseer credit cards encourage customers to shop by providing them with special offers and other rewards that they can avail at reputable commercial establishments both in the Kingdom and around the world. Isn’t it a great way to use a credit card?

    Should you need instant cash, NCB facilitates withdrawals through Automated Teller Machines and financial institutions.

    With the NCB Tayseer Creditcards worldwide acceptance, customers have wide range of shopping selection under various item categories.

    Payment of Account

    The card provides flexible payment scheme; five percent of total monthly installments.

    Also, interest free payments are allowed up to fifty days. Therefore, you need not worry about unwanted interest payments when you fail to pay your balances on the specified due dates.

    If in case you would like to know or review what you have purchased, a monthly statement is  provided that show all the purchases you have made.

    With the provided purchase details, you can also plan your next purchases or make a realistic budgeting.

    Insurance Coverage

    Most cardholders feel secured if their creditcards not only provide cashbacks, but also protection.

    With these cards, card members have travel insurance protection up to SAR 750,000 covering personal accident, luggage loss/delay and flight cancellation.

    NCB Tayseer Credit Cards - Card Benefits

    Through the Himayati insurance program, card members’ outstanding balance can be settled up to SAR 225,000 in the event of death or disability.

    So, eventualities are not anymore a worry if people are using these cards. Not only are cardholders protected for unforeseen events, but are assured to get the provided protection.

    The family of the cardholders is also benefited in case of card owner’s death through accident by payment of cash equivalent to the balance of the credit card.

    The Plus Factors for Owning NCB Tayseer Credit Cards

    A cardholder will most likely check out the plus factors of a certain credit card before they make their final decision.

    Among the plus factors of NCB Tayseer Credit Cards are:

    Premium Benefits

    With these cards, you make take advantage of the premium benefits from VISA and MasterCard anywhere in the world.

    As you very well know, VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted worldwide.

    Better Travel Coverage

    You can get higher travel coverage when you travel any place in the world with these cards.

    This is very advantageous most especially when you travel often whether personally or for business.

    Higher Limits on Credit

    NCB Tayseer Creditcards give higher credit limits to card owners.

    Having higher credit limits enable cardholders maximize the availability of funds.

    Getting the Privilege of NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards

    Can NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards provide the services that consumers usually get from regular credit cards?

    Prepaid services are common nowadays, and they are probably the least complicated way of getting what you want.

    NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards - Card Advantages

    The idea of pre-payments works very well in many service related businesses such as rentals, communication, reservations and other services.

    Prepaid cards are very easy to acquire because the approval process requires no bank account.

    The card provides consumers with great ability to shop because it is highly accepted in many stores and establishments worldwide.

    Getting cash can also be facilitated using the prepaid card through any Automated Teller Machines and other financial institution locally and international.

    Above all, cardholders do not only have purchasing convenience, but can also expect security and safety in doing so.

    How NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards Works?

    Qitaf prepaid cards offer the convenience of credit card with no stress of monthly payments. Cardholders can only spend up to the amount that is loaded into the card.

    In this way, users will be able to manage their spending much better. In addition, there is an opportunity to earn one Qitaf point every time they use their card on retail purchase.

    The reloading of the card is quick and easy; you need not to worry about interruption of the convenience in using the card.

    Incidentally, with this Sharia compliant card, you will be able to enjoy worldwide acceptability at more than thirty two million establishments.

    And, should the users need cash, the card works just like an ATM card that can withdraw from any ATM machines and large number of financial institutions around the world.

    Should you need to know purchases made in order to keep track of your spending; a monthly statement can be available for you to meet the requirement.

    Shoppers using NCB Qitaf prepaid cards will enjoy their shopping with peace of mind because they can do their purchasing easily and secured.

    How to Get the NCB Qitaf
    Prepaid Cards?

    Getting the Qitaf prepaid cards involved simple and easy process as compared from the tedious credit card application that needs many requirements.

    NCB makes it very easy to applicants to obtain prepaid cards, which gives them the privilege of using the cards right away.

    The following are the simple requirements in applying for the card:

    NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards - Card Privileges

    1. First of all, the applicant must be at least eighteen years old upon application.
    2. He or she must be residing in the Kingdom holding a valid Saudi identification card or Iqama.
    3. The applicant must also have at least one of the STC services.
    4. Applying for NCB Qitaf Prepaid Cards does not require a minimum income, which makes it easy to anybody to have the card with the amount they can put into it.

    Having Qitaf prepaid cards allow the users to experience the convenience of using credit cards without the unnecessary hassles and worries.

    The card is easily reloadable and simple to maintain; it helps the users to have total control of their spending and manage their finances very well.




    Savings through NCB Qitaf Credit Cards

    Do you know that by simply using NCB Qitaf credit cards, you get the chance of earning Qitaf points that you can redeem for various Saudi Telecom services.

    NCB Qitaf Credit Cards - Qitaf Points

    Every time purchase is made with Qitaf credit card, points are earned that you can use to get phone bill discounts, SMS, extra talk time and gift vouchers. Other services from STC are also included from time to time.

    A retail purchase of SAR 20 can earn you one Qitaf point, and you can get even up to 2,400 Qitaf points free every year. The latter is given by simply applying for the card.

    Cardholders can even take advantage of being rewarded with greater number of points and opportunity for more prizes.

    And, card members will have peace of mind with the protection provided to them by getting free travel insurance.

    Significant Savings through NCB Qitaf Credit Cards

    Communication is necessary to people whether for personal or business purposes. Can you just imagine modern living without ways in connecting with friends, business partners or customers?

    Qitaf credit cards through the earned points from usual spending deliver the privilege in redeeming items that either provides convenience or savings in the part of cardholders.

    Phone Bill Discounts. Communication through phone is essential for both personal and business needs; and just like water and electricity, it is a major part of utility bills.

    Usually, phone bill has fixed amount of monthly payment; this is like paying for the privilege of having communication convenience. In addition to the fixed service rate, phone service providers charge additional amount for other charges such as fees for long distance or overseas calls.

    Therefore, phone bills can become major utility payment especially when charged services become often in a monthly basis.

    It is at this point where phone bill discounts through NCB Qitaf credit cards are well appreciated; they contribute major savings in the part of the consumers that depend very much in communication services.

    NCB Qitaf Credit Cards - Feature Savings

    Extra Talk Time. Before, phone communication is solely on talk basis; and later progressed to visible form including printed and text messaging.

    However, although printed form of communication is reliable such as fax and text messages, talk is still very useful especially when communication needs become immediate or urgent.

    The extra talk time redeemable through the use of earned Qitaf points offers additional communication opportunities that provide extended talk time for personal or business use.

    Gift Vouchers. NCB Qitaf Credit Cards holders may choose to use their earned Qitaf points in redeeming gift vouchers.

    These gift vouchers are useful in shopping for essential communication items such as gadgets that provide more convenience and reliability in relating with other people or customers.

    Additionally, they can be used in purchasing necessary items useful for daily purposes.

    In totality, major and other services from STC that are redeemable through the earned Qitaf points provide great convenience and savings to cardholders.

    Incidentally, all they have to do is to use NCB Qitaf Credit Cards in their regular daily purchases and spending.



    The Usefulness NCB Prepaid Cards

    How can NCB Prepaid Cards help manage your spending?

    NCB Prepaid Cards - Manage Spending

    Prepaid cards do not only help in managing your spending, but do more things effectively.

    One key thing about these cards is that besides the fact that they work similar to credit or debit cards, you only get to spend what you have loaded to it. This will result to becoming more responsible and efficient.

    Prepaid cardholders can take advantage of the card’s worldwide acceptance as Sharia compliant.

    Customers also have the privilege of choosing among the four attractive card designs that fit their preference.

    Advantages of NCB Prepaid Cards

    Among the many benefits of these cards that people can enjoy include:

    The simple and quick approval process of the card because bank account is not a requirement when applying.

    • Card users are at ease in using prepaid cards on their purchases and they are well secured.
    • Account’s monthly statement should cardholder require such to check transactions.
    • The card is highly accepted at more than thirty two million establishments worldwide.
    • Getting immediate cash should customer need them, from any Automated Teller Machines and other financial institutions around the word.In addition, repaid cards from NCB are useful in making retail purchases, paying cable TV subscription, placing hotel bookings and car rentals, and online shopping.

    NCB Prepaid Cards Application

    Applying for prepaid cards from NCB is easy and quick through various means:

    By giving NCB a call

    Call center agents are available to accept calls and very much happy in assisting your needs or answer queries.

    These agents will not only provide assistance, but will also provide the necessary information that every cardholder needs.

    Visiting NCB Branch

    Applicants can proceed to the nearest NCB branch and get entertained by accommodating customer service representative.

    By Online Application

    NCB Prepaid Cards - FeaturesActually, there are many people who are hesitant to apply online due to rampant fraud and scam.

    But, online application is considered to be the most convenient and easy means of applicants.

    Therefore, if you prefer this type of application, you must make sure that the website you deal with is legitimate.

    Various safety measures are now being implemented by NCB for the protection of both their customers and applicants.

    So, if you prefer to make your application online, you are assured that the information you provide are protected.

    Requirements for Application

    Most credit card companies are particular about the income level of the applicant.

    However, with these credit cards; applicants need not worry about their income capacity.

    1. Applicants must be at least eighteen years old or more. This requirement is common to all applicants. Being in legal age is crucial, especially in case of complaints and compliances.
    2. Must be residing in the Kingdom with valid Saudi Arabia ID or Iqama. Being a resident is important in order to take advantage of the benefits provided to locals.
    3. In applying for NCB prepaid card, the company is not requiring a minimum income.



    The NCB Islamic Credit Cards

    NCB Islamic Credit Cards are among the Islamic products developed by the National Commercial Bank (NCB).

    The NCB business units together with its affiliates and the Board of Shariah Compliance Department are managed by the Islamic Banking Dev. Group.

    NCB was cited as the first bank to develop Islamic products through the support of the Islamic Product Dev. Department. The NCB business units also conduct their research and development of these Shariah-compliance products that include:

    NCB Islamic Credit Card - Card Features

    • Investment in Equities
    • Equity Fund
    • Tawaroq process in facilitating financial needs
    • Capital Secured Fund
    • Capital Protect Fund
    • Investment Certificate
    • Musharaka Contract
    • Securitization
    • Murahaba Fund for Automobile financing

    The Shariah Compliance Dept. that is responsible for these systems and products comprises of two units; Shariah Audit Unit and Sharia Board Secretariat.

    The Board Secretariat conducts the research and product structure reviews that are relevant to the approval process of the product. The Audit Unit on the other hand, conducts the audit on the approved products to ensure that the implementation is in compliance with the Shariah Board.

    Things About NCB Islamic Credit Cards

    AlAhli SMS Notification

    The Islamic credit cards of NCB are provided with the SMS notification. The service sends SMS messages to the cardholders’ registered mobile number automatically; these include:

    • Notifications on all credit cards and current account transactions
    • Provides the type, date and amount of the transactions
    • Maintains the confidentiality of account information in accordance with the standard security on card payments

    Balance Transfer

    NCB makes it possible to customers in transferring their credit card balance into NCB credit card.

    This balance transfer program offers card balance transfer from your existing card to NCB and start enjoying great benefits.

    With the balance transfer program, it is easier to settle other banks’ outstanding credit card balance.

    Cardholders can experience ease in transferring outstanding balance from cards issued in the Kingdom.

    Customers are not required applying for new credit cards, and existing NCB credit cards can be used.

    There is no need for a down payment or a guarantor, and you can take advantage of discounted rate within six months.

     Exclusive and Special Offers

    The NCB Islamic Credit Cards extend special offers to their card members that they can enjoy by using the cards.

    NCB Islamic Credit Card - Card Offers

    MasterCard and Starwood

    Whenever you plan for hotel stays, use the card to avail of exclusive offers. Handle hotel reservation at home and get the chance for free accommodation at your preferred hotel.

    You can do this by going online and visiting the official site; search for possible destination and pick preferred hotel; decide on the date of checking in and out; two/three nights may entitle cardholder in receiving free nights.

    Make sure that you pay using your credit card.

    Aramex Offers

    Make online shopping enjoyable through Shop and Ship services provided by Aramex.

    With the Shop & Ship service, card members are entitled with personalized delivery.

    Cardholders of NCB credit cards are entitled for a lifetime membership.

    Get 35-percent discount on local and international shipping.

    Cash Advance

    Get the opportunity to get vouchers worth SR 1,000,000.

    Card members can win SR 400 voucher whenever they do ten cash withdrawals from any Automated Teller Machines or cash transfers using NCB Islamic Credit Cards.