Find Out the Best NCB CreditCards for You

Have you ever consider NCB Creditcards and discover the best selection of Shariah compliant card together with the privilege of great rewards.

NCB Bank prioritizes their customers by inviting them to take advantage of exclusive benefits through their AlAhli Premium cards.

NCB Creditcards - Elite Cards

These Shariah compliant cards have essential features and benefits that can assist card users on their spending and get savings at the same.

NCB Creditcards allow cash advance even up to fifty percent of cardholder’s credit limit; and this can be facilitated through Automated Teller Machines.

Customers can expect higher credit limit depending on the type of card such as Platinum and Titanium credit cards.

Cardholders are given the choice to settle their outstanding credit card account through flexible settlement arrangement.

Card members can take advantage of premium offers and special discounts provided at major hotel chains and tourist services via Visa or MasterCard.

NCB premium Visa and MasterCard offers legal and medical counseling for card users worldwide; therefore travelers have peace of mind wherever they go.

These cards give card members an access to airport lounges around the world including airports in Kuwait, Dubai and Cairo; international airport lounges in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam available for Platinum or Titanium cardholders.

Concierge services are available for cardholders of Platinum MasterCard.

Travelers are provided with free travel insurance and they can also easily get emergency card replacement in case their card is lost or stolen.

NCB Bank through an insurance program arranges settlements of credit card dues in the event of disability or death.

The Best Selection of NCB Creditcards

Ask yourself, what can be the best choice of card from the available NCB Credit card choices.

Amyali Credit Card

Cardholders of Amyali credit cards will be encouraged to make regular purchases because of the opportunity to earn air miles that they can use to travel at destination of choice.

The Amyali AlAhli Platinum or Titanium card offers 1.5 miles for every one riyal spent for purchases.  The Amyali Miles can be redeemed to the company’s transfer programs.

Tayseer AlAhli Creditcard

NCB Bank offers card members in enjoying the highest cashback rewards in Saudi Arabia.

The cash back given through Tayseer AlAhli Platinum or Titanium card is credited to the card member’s account in the months of June and December.

With Tayseer card, get up to 2% cash back if the card is used to purchase at local or international merchants; or from 3% to 30% cash back for purchases made with selected AlAhli partners.

Al Fursan Creditcard

NCB Credicards - Card Features

The Al Fursan card is designed for Saudi Arabian Airlines frequent flyers.

A unique program is in place giving 1 mile every 4 Riyals spending through Platinum and Titanium credit card; 5 Riyals spending for Gold credit card.

Qitaf Credit Card

Rewards are provided to STC customers through Qitaf credit card. These rewards include special offers and various free services.

Card members using Qitaf card earns one Qitaf point each time they spent SR 20 on purchases. The earned points can be used to redeem STC services that include free SMS, free internet time, free minutes call and other STC services.

Today, convenience and great way to spend can start with NCB Creditcards.