Best Credit Cards for People with Poor Credit History.

Credit Cards For Poor Credit – Today it is almost impossible to live life without the use of a credit card. Whether you are looking to

  • rent a car,
  • check into a hotel room,
  • or buy something online
  • you need a credit card.

You also need credit cards listed on your credit report in order to boost your credit score to be considered for various other types of credit cards such as car and home loans.

If you have poor or bad credit score then getting a credit card to have the ease of doing these types of transactions and several others could be a challenge.

Below is information regarding what to look for in credit cards for people with poor credit when you have bad credit and some of the best credit cards for people who have a poor credit or less than perfect credit report.

What to Look for and Why – Credit Cards Poor Credit.

Poor Credit Lenders There are three major credit bureaus which issues credit score and reports.

These three bureaus are the ones used across the United States when a business is trying to determine the credit worthiness of an individual.

What most people do not know is that in order to boost the score on these credit reports that you need to do more than just pay your bills on time.

You need to establish that you know how to use credit and are actively doing so. This is done by having a few credit cards listed on your credit bureau repots which are active and are carrying a balance above zero but no more than 50% of their limit.

These credit cards which are on your credit bureau carrying balances of at least 50% can be secured cards. This is because a secured credit card looks and is counted the same as an unsecured on your credit report.

All of this means that if you have a bad credit score then you want to seek out cards which also offer a secured option to improve your chances of being approved for them.

Best Credit Card for People with Poor Credit

First Premier Bank Classic credit card

One of the best secured credit cards or cards where you need put down an amount to secure the balance is the First Premier Bank Classic credit card.This establishment will approve an unsecured line of credit for some people with poor credit report scores. If you do not qualify for the unsecured line of credit they will extend the option of applying for one of their secured credit cards.

Centennial Classic credit card

Centennial Classic credit card is another card offering an unsecured line of credit which some people with a bad credit score can obtain.This card will also offer the option to apply for one of their secured credit cards if you are denied for the classic card through them.

Centennial reports monthly to the credit bureaus. This means that by carrying a 50% or less balance with them and paying your payments on time could result in a better score on your credit report.

This means over time you could increase your score high enough to apply for other forms of unsecured credit.

Other poor credit lenders to consider and apply for a gas card with poor credit include

  • capital one poor credit card
  • hsbc credit cards for poor credit