Qitaf Titanium Credit Card and the STC Customers

With a Qitaf Titanium Credit Card, you are rewarded with a lot more prizes and points when you use your card more often.

Qitaf Titanium Credit Card - STC Customer

These credit cards are commonly referred to as the STC customers’ cards because they are especially designed for STC customers whereby the earned points through the program are redeemable for gift certificates, extra talk time, discounts on telephone bills and other services from Saudi Telecom Company.

Cardholders have the opportunity of earning up to 2,400 Qitaf points each year by merely using the card even for shopping.

As a premium credit card, your card will have a worldwide acceptance at more than 32 million establishments where you can enjoy shopping, dining, traveling, and many more.

If you need cash, you can get cash from any of the 250,000 financial institutions and ATMs worldwide.

When you travel, you are entitled to a travel insurance of up to SR 750,000 against flight cancellation, personal accident, and luggage loss/delay.

Payment is easy with these credit cards as you can pay your large purchases in installments through the Ala Dofaat Program.

In addition, you can get free supplementary credit cards for a maximum of three family members.

Hightlights of the Qitaf Titanium Credit Card

Qitaf Titaniuim Credit Card is a Shariah compliant credit card that rewards cardholders with numerous shopping offers.

This Islamic card has an annual fee of SR 500 and a 2.75 percent foreign exchange rate when purchasing in other currencies.

Payment is very flexible as cardholders can choose to pay at least five percent of the total monthly billing.

However, if the cardholder is not able to pay the monthly bill in full, a two percent interest rate will apply to the outstanding balance.

This card has not cashback offer, but is loaded with numerous discounts and prizes from subscribers of STC.

Using these credit cards is safe as cardholders are protected even with travel insurance under the Himayati and Himayati Plus insurance.

Qitaf Titanium Credit Card - Highlights

Cardholders may also enjoy the benefits of earning Qitaf points that are redeemable for discounts on telephone calls and text messages.

Gift vouchers and other services from STC are also available for Qitaf Titanium credit cards owners.

If you want to learn more about these credit cards, you may inquire from any of the NCB branches or call their customer service.

How to Apply for a Qitaf Titanium Credit Card

It is easy to apply for a Qitaf Titanium Credit Card, but before you do; you must first be qualified to apply for one.

First requirement is that you must be between 20 and 59 years of age or 21 and 60 years basing on the Hijjri calendar.

You must be continuously employed for at least three months prior to your application and must have a minimum income of SR 15,000 per month.

Lastly, you should have at least one of the services from Saudi Telecom Company registered in your name.

If you have all the requirements ready, you may call their office to apply.

How to Collect Points from Qitaf Prepaid Card

Do you know that with Qitaf Prepaid Card, you can readily receive thirty points as soon as you register in the Qitaf Program?

Yes, right after you sign in to the program, you will receive thirty points.

Not only that; as a member of the program, every SR10 that you spend when you recharge will earn one point.

When you become a loyal member of the program, you will earn six points monthly.

Isn’t it a very convenient and easy ways to earn points under the Qitaf program?

However, STC has the authority to change the rates between the collected points and the customers anytime it becomes necessary.

How to Get Rewards with Qitaf Prepaid Card Collected Points

In order to get rewards with Qitaf Prepaid Card, you must be able to collect certain number of points.

The aim is to collect more points so you can get more rewards.

Collecting at least 100 points can give you numerous benefits. However, the award points you earned can be added to your account balances only after forty-eight hours after you made a recharging.

Also, you can only request for three vouchers for each month.

Your 100 points can be exchanged for an extra credit of SR35. You can as well get Free MMS with your 100 points.

Collecting 100 points can give you 140 Free National SMS or 80 Free International SMS.

To request for getting your rewards, all you need to do is to send your request to code 902 the corresponding code for the type of request that you want to make.

For example, if you want to exchange your 100 points for an Extra Credit of SR35, you send code 203 to 902.

If you want to know the different request codes, you can visit the website of STC Qitaf Program and check out the table for Type of Request.

What is Qitaf Prepaid Card?

Qitaf Prepaid Card is like a credit card, but the only difference is that the amount you can spend is dependent on the amount you load onto the card.

Using these cards is advantageous because you can easily manage the amount you spend. Therefore, these cards make your purchasing more effective and efficient.

Qitaf Prepaid Card - Rewards Program

Reloading money onto your prepaid card is also very easy and fast. NCB is all over the Kingdom making your reloading very convenient and fast.

Not only that, your card is accepted worldwide as a Shariah compliant card. These cards also earn Qitaf points that provide you many benefits.

Getting instant cash from any of the 250,000 financial institutions and ATMs worldwide is also not a problem.

There is no required minimum income to get these cards. As long as you are at least 18 years old, a resident of Saudi Arabia with Iqama or valid Saudi ID, and own at least one of the STC services, you can apply for these prepaid cards.

Getting More with a Qitaf Platinum Credit Card

Qitaf Platinum Credit Card promises to give you more special offers and free services.

You will earn one Qitaf point for every SR20 that you spend using your Qitaf Platinum card. So, the more you use your Qitaf credit card, the more you will earn Qitaf points.

The Qitaf points that you earn can be redeemed for the following methods:

  • Your earned Qitaf points are redeemable for various STC services such as free SMS, extra call minutes, and discounts on your phone bills.
  • You can also exchange your earned Qitaf points for vouchers that can give you chances of getting discounts and winning prizes from the twenty two partners of Qitaf that are available in over two thousand four hundred branches all around the Kingdom.
  • Or, you may also give your points as gift and transfer them to any person you want who is a Qitaf subscriber.
  • You will surely get more with Qitaf since it is the most well-known and largest in the Middle East with its current over sixteen million clients.

    Qitaf Platinum Credit Card and the Qitaf Tiers

    Qitaf Platinum Credit Card is an essential part of the Qitaf Tiers since it is an added feature in Qitaf system.

    The four new tiers or categories in the Qitaf system is classified according to the annual payments of subscribers that include:

    Diamond Tier – Subscribers in this tier get two Qitaf points for every SR10 the spend and the maximum points limit exchangeable for rewards per month is 3,000 points within STC and 3,000 points outside of STC.

    NCB Platinum credit cards are provided for holder of this tier for free together with a specially designed rewards booklet for diamond subscribers and prioritized call center services.

    Gold Tier – Gold subscribers get 1.5 Qitaf points for every SR10 they spend and the maximum rewards point redeemable per month is 1,500 for STC and 1,500 outside of STC.

    Islamic Platinum credit cards are also given for free to gold subscribers together with the exclusive additional features given to platinum subscribers such as special rewards booklets and call center service priority.

    Qitaf Platinum Credit Card - Getting More

    Silver Tier – Every SR10 spent earns one Qitaf point for subscribers under this tier and the maximum points they can exchange for rewards monthly is 500 points within STC and 500 points outside of STC.

    Silver subscribers also get free Shariah compliant Platinum credit cards from NCB together with the special reward booklet designed for subscribers under the Silver tier.

    Basic Tier – Basic subscribers enjoy the benefits of Qitaf subscribers and earn one point for every SR10 they spend. The maximum rewards points they can avail each month is 500 within STC and 500 outside of STC.

    Basic Features of
    Qitaf Platinum Credit Card

    Qitaf Platinum Credit Card is an Islamic card that carries an annual fee of SR600.

    If you will avail of a balance transfer, you can get a discounted rate for six months on your balance transfer.

    There is also a two percent per month interest on your outstanding balance on your credit card.

    You should have a minimum income or salary of SR25, 000 in order to qualify for these credit cards.

    Finally, the main requirement to be qualified for Qitaf Platinum Credit Card is to be a subscriber of STC.


    Qitaf Gold Credit Card and the Saudi Telecom Company

    Qitaf Gold Credit Card is a credit card under the Qitaf, which is a program created particularly as an expression of gratitude to STC customers’ loyalty.

    Subscription to Qitaf is for free and customers can collect points through the value of their consumption, subscribing to AlHatif and AlJawal services, regulated payment of bills for AlHatif and AlJawal, and other subscriptions for services.

    Customers with earned points can do the following for their points:

    • Convert their points to vouchers that can provide opportunities to get discounts and win prizes from Qitaf’s twenty two partners that are accessible in over 2,400 branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Redeem the accumulated points for various STC services such as free SMS and Free Minutes.
    • Transfer the points to any Qitaf subscribers of your choice for gifts.

    Qitaf Gold Credit Card - Saudi Telecom

    When you register into the Qitaf program, you will immediately receive twenty points and then the program system will begin to count points on every transaction you make in your account from Hatif and Jawal.

    To illustrate; to will earn twelve points when you subscribe for Hatif and Jawal, six points when you make regulated payment and one point for each SR 10 call or other additional service fees you incur through balance control for Hatif or Jawal.

    Your classification is automatic and you will be informed through SMS for your membership level.

    Depending on the level of your payments per year, your tier is renewed accordingly.

    Annually, you will be notified of your needed points to be promoted to a higher level or to continue enjoying your current level.

    Benefits and Features of a Qitaf Gold Credit Card

    Since Qitaf Gold Credit Card is especially designed for STC customers, they are loaded with benefits and exciting features.

    These credit cards are Shariah compliant and full of premium discounts and offers at known hotels and tour services from MasterCard.

    Cardholders can make cash advances up to fifty percent of their credit limit and are entitled to very gratifying shopping offers.

    NCB premium Visa and MasterCard cardholders can avail of legal and medical counseling anywhere in the world.

    Free travel insurances are also offered with these credit cards plus replacement of cards in case of loss or theft.

    Qitaf Gold credit cards owners can enjoy access to different airport lounges in Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait, Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah.

    Concierge services are also being offered for some Qitaf credit cards.

    If you are a holder of these credit cards, your purchases are protected and you will have the luxury of choosing your settlement amount for your payments.

    Qitaf Gold Credit Card - Benefits

    Every SR 20 spent on your Qitaf credit card, you will earn one Qitaf point and the more you purchase; the more you will earn points.

    As mentioned earlier, your earned points can be redeemed for extra talk time, discounts on your phone bills, gift certificates, and more STC services.

    Therefore, if you are a customer of STC; these credit cards are the most beneficial for you to own and use.