Making the SABB Creditcards to Work

SABB through SABB Creditcards consistently work in providing the best services they can offer even beyond customer’s expectations.

Wide range of exciting offers awaits SABB loyal customers at their favorite shopping venues in the Kingdom.

Besides the fact that these cards are accepted worldwide, they provide additional privileges including the ICSABB Rewards Programme, Supplementary cards and availability of Customer Service at all time.

Consider the following SABB Creditcards and choose which one suits your requirements:

Platinum Card

SABB Creditcards - Card that Works

Platinum card matches ambitious individuals and the way they use their resources. This card offers features that extend essential privileges towards personal growth.

Visa and MasterCard

These cards are capable of providing absolute freedom in paying for products and services. Other than payment flexibility, the card offers Rewards Programme that provides savings through from discounts to free shopping.

Internet Card

The cards are the answer of SABB to the ever increasing popularity of online shopping.  And together with other great features of the card, SABB makes sure that cardholders will have safety while enjoying their shopping.

SABB Creditcards – Islamic

Islamic credit cards from SABB possess unequaled features especially designed to be in compliance with Shariah.

With the application of Tawarruq principle, outstanding balance of credit card account can be settled through partial payments.

The features and benefits of Islamic credit card include:

  • Allows cash withdrawals up to 50-percent (card limit)
  • Option for Supplementary Cards
  • Flexibility in currency
  • Several methods of payment are available to pay outstanding balance; through SABBNet or SABB Direct, pay using cash or checks, pay at any SABBbranches or via SADAD service.
  • Protection over lost card
  • Availability of customer service, 24/7
  • ICSABB Reward Programme

    How exactly the Reward Programme works with SABB Creditcards?

    ICSABB is an exemplary reward programme that awards reward voucher simply by using credit cards of SABB.

    The voucher is capable of redeeming wide selection of items at stores all over the Kingdom.

    Every SR 10 spending will be given one (1) point and when the collection of points reached 1,000 points, a voucher will be issued in the amount of SR 100.

    There are great numbers of participating merchants from which the vouchers can be used to redeem your favorite items.

    Other than the option for free shopping, cardholders can use their reward voucher in paying the annual fee of the card.

    The 3D Secure Service

    SABB Creditcards - 3D Secure

    SABB Creditcards ensures online shopping secure through the 3D Secure Service. The great thing is that cardholders need not to pre-register for the service.

    Shopping online can never be any safer in the presence of the Secure Online Payment service. SABB inaugurates “verified by Visa” for SABB Visa card in connection with the security service.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Shop online at your favorite online stores or merchants
    2. Upon check-out, cardholder will be asked of essential information such as credit card number.
    3. Card users will be redirected to the 3D secure verification and will be instructed to input one-time password. The OTP will be sent to the Cellular Phone number that is linked to SABB credit card.
    4. The OTP will be verified as soon as it is entered, and the page will go back to the merchant and complete the transaction.
    5. The 3D secure verification is completed at this point.