The Best of SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards

With SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards, have the experience of extreme liberty and efficiency in paying for the products and services that you and your family enjoy.

Card members can easily avail for immediate cash whenever they need it, which adds valuable service at anytime.

SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards - Convenience and Efficiency

Those mentioned are just the basics, Visa and MasterCard cards of SABB extend service further by presenting wide range of privileges that include ICSABB Rewards Programme.

ICSABB Rewards Programme works by awarding one (1) point to the cardholders for every SR 10 spent using the card. Upon accumulation of 1000 points, a certificate is given worth SR100.

The cards are not only better alternative in paying purchases, but also an effective tool to eliminate risk of handling cash or cheques.

Furthermore, your purchases are protected against damages, theft and loss; baggage insurance coverage is in place against delay or loss of baggage.

In totality, SABB Visa and MasterCard cards meet the standard of the type of credit cards that they represent.


SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards More Features

SABB brings more features of credit cards for the advantage of their loyal customers.

  • The company gives opportunity to card members in repaying their account balance through manageable monthly installments on the amount due.
  • SABB facilitates convenient payment options to cardholders such as through SABB Direct or SABBNET; or via cash or cheque payment at any SABB branches; or using Cash Deposit Machines or SADAD service.
  • The availability of cash advances at more than 250,000 locations and some 350,000 Automated Teller Machines located in the Kingdom and other parts of the world. Cash advance is offered even up to 50-percent of cardholder’s credit limit.
  • The bank protects you at the event card is lost or stolen; immediate card replacement is available within forty-eight hours.
  • Supplementary cards may be applied and card holders can set the credit limit.
  • SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards are highly accepted locally and abroad; they operate in any currency as well.

    The company presents their version of online banking, the SABBNET. This facility offers complete control of finances with additional security features.

    SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards - More Features

    The system is designed to deliver innovative services that ensure convenient and reliable online banking.

    The SABBNET provides easier browsing of accounts and credit card transactions. It is equipped with intensified coordination of billings and bill payments.

    This online banking introduces seamless navigation and upgraded search features in order to maximize its use at all time.

    The main line of services SABBNET offer include Account Services, Mutual Funds, Payment Services, Transfers, IPO/RI Services, Statements and Advices, Alert Service and Contact Center.

    Get SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards Now

    People who intend to apply for these cards and experience great privileges may do so by choosing which channel is more convenient for them.

    SABB Branches

    Apply by visiting one of the branches nearest to you. Although this channel is conventional, it is also proven effective.SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards - Getting the Card

    Using the Phone

    Call the SABB Toll Free number at 800 124 5557 when in the Kingdom or phone number +966 (0)1 4408666 when abroad or using mobile phone.

    Apply Online

    At the least, you can conveniently apply for SABB Visa and MasterCard Creditcards online by visiting SABB website and clicking “Apply Online” button.

    Success Through SABB Platinum Creditcards

    The SABB Platinum Creditcards are your cards if you are the ambitious type of individual; a busy person who is always on the go and excel to reach every possibility of success.

    SABB Platinum Creditcards - Success in Life

    SABB Platinum cards have the characteristics that conform to the way people look at their lives with a positive attitude.

    The cards are specially designed in meeting your needs through preferential features, exclusive rewards and dynamic range of privileges.

    The company is committed of consistent improvement of service in order to ensure enjoyment of card members at all time.

    With the cards that complement your visions, there is nowhere to go but up to reach the height you are aiming for.

    Benefits of SABB Platinum Creditcards

    SABB understands hardworking people; and the company extends exceptional service that will benefit them.

  • Card members can make cash withdrawals up to half of their card limit
  • The servicing for Emergency cash advance is available worldwide
  • Get advantageous currency conversion rate
  • Convenience of phone and internet banking services are provided
  • Opportunity to avail of SABB rewards program through ICSABB
  • Have a chance to apply for Supplementary card, even up to eight free cards
  • The company allows card members to Take advantage of SABB Credit Shield
  • View your credit card statement online through e-Statements facility
  • Immediate replacement of card within two days in case of lost or stolen cardsSABB Platinum Creditcards - Card Features
  • Coverage of Purchase Protection Program free
  • Free coverage of Baggage Protection Program
  • Get SMS alert notification service for all card transaction
  • Option of availing payment through SABB AQSAT program
  • Reward Program for SABB Platinum Creditcards

    Get to know the ICSABB reward programme, an exclusive loyalty program that rewards cardholders through the use of their cards.

    Every SAR 10 spent by cardholders using their card will earn one (1) “ICSABB” point, and as soon as the earned points reached 1,000, an ICSABB certificate valued at SAR 100 will be mailed to them.

    The certificate can be used to redeem free shopping items from a wide range of participating merchants.

    Card members wishing to redeem the latest products can view ICSABB offers, and know the updated list of participating merchants by visiting the official SABB website.

    The SABB Credit Shield

    SABB Platinum Creditcards - Rewards and Others

    SABB Platinum Credit cards holders are entitled to SABB Credit Shield programme. The programme is devised to protect cardholders against the liability to pay their outstanding balance during the event of death or permanent total disability.

    This will extend the necessary peace of mind, and lessen the worries concerning the burden of debt payment related to the happening of unforeseen event.

    Credit Shield Limitations

    One hundred percent of outstanding balance, even up to SAR 75,000 The limit is set at aggregate amount of SAR 200,000 on all credit card types carried by cardholder.

    Monthly Premium

    With SABB Credit Shield subscription, card members are charged with only 0.49% premium on their monthly outstanding balance. The premium will be reflected in the monthly card statement.


    SABB Platinum Creditcards Claimants can call SABB Service Center at 800 126 0006 and effect submission of the necessary documents within sixty days after the accident.

    Safety Shopping with SABB Internet Creditcards

    Consider safety seriously with SABB Internet Creditcards when doing shopping online.

    With the increasing popularity of shopping through the Internet, it will be more enjoyable if it is safe.

    The Internet card from SABB is designed to ensure that cardholders are well protected when buying goods and services online.

    SABB Internet Creditcards - Online Shopping

    In addition, the card is set with a maximum limit of SAR 2,000 intended to minimize the possibility of misuse.

    In order to aid card members with the necessary tool in viewing and monitoring their detailed card transactions, the company devised SABBNET, a secure and reliable Internet Banking Service.

    This service does not only gives convenience in banking, but offers complete control over personal finances and impose reliable security measures to give you assurance on every transaction.

    It delivers enhanced services to handle online banking experience simple and safe.

    The system is very easy to use with the introduction of seamless navigational tools and faster search features in order to save time and effort.

    Safety Tips and SABB Internet Creditcards

    Although all the necessary system and tools for safe online shopping are installed, total protection is still a personal responsibility.

    Therefore, it is crucial to follow practical and effective protection measures in doing shopping using the Internet.

    Here are some tips to ensure online safety:

    Installation of Anti Virus software.

    Computer viruses are real and hazardous; protect privacy and resources with Anti-virus software. Anti-virus is an effective protection against stealing of personal information; blocking unwanted advertisements; detecting viruses and programs that harm computer such as trojans, malware, adware and spyware.

    Update Computer Browser regularly.

    Accordingly, updated browser program provides additional protection from fake websites. Updated browsers send warning whenever computer users visit fake websites and viruses have hard time infecting them.

    Be cautious in sharing private information online.

    In order to ensure safety of private information, users have to double-check their privacy settings especially in social networking sites. Personal information is used by people who intend to steal identity or to break into user’s personal online banking. Be careful also of the critical information placed in profiles such as bank account numbers, credit card information such as those of SABB Internet Creditcards and other identifiable data that may lead to password discovery.

    Check on your printed account statements.

    Fraud perpetrators use personal information from all possible sources. Other than the data stolen from online activities, people can also look at physical documents including receipts and printed account statements containing personal details with the purpose of stealing them.

    Know how criminals operate on the Internet.

    SABB Internet Creditcards - Online Safety

    Criminals are after your money, and it will help knowing how they do it using the Internet to prevent them steal from you. They steal passwords by sending fake emails, launching phishing sites or injecting virus on files. They also ask user to give security details. These people send spam containing fraudulent offers and goods. Hackers have the ability to take over computers for use to attack other PC or inject viruses to make unwanted advertisement appear in computers.

    Avoid being victimized of online fraud.

    Be able to detect online fraud by understanding their tricks and modus operandi. Online fraud usually offers big time promises or quick, easy to get rich schemes. They may use severe computer threats or improvise deceiving sense of urgency. Others may suggest unnecessary secrecy or involve a person to receive money from people they do not know.

    Provide protection to your mobile phone

    Since mobile phones can contain important personal data, owners should take care of them. Mobile phone users can activate phone security PIN code; refrain from storing passwords in the phone; do not place home phone address and telephone numbers; understand fraudulent voicemail and common text message scams.

    Being well equipped and ready against possible frauds and harmful Internet threats will help online shoppers to handle their shopping conveniently and protected.

    People can use SABB Internet Creditcards together with reliable tools and effective ways for safe online shopping to have comfort and peace of mind.

    What is SABB Credit Shield on SABB Credit Cards?

    Have you heard about SABB Credit Shield? Do you know if it is necessary? How does it work?

    The common problem of most cardholders is how to pay their credit card balances in case of unavoidable events such as inability to work or death.

    Because of this fear, there are some people who refuse to avail credit cards in order to avoid heavy indebtedness.

    However, it is a general knowledge that using credit cards is one of the safest and most convenient methods of making payments.

    Therefore, SABB created a Takaful program called SABB Credit Shield specifically designed to protect cardholders from paying their outstanding credit card balances in the event of death or permanent total disability.

    This Credit Shield provides cardholders peace of mind because they need not worry about the weight of their debt if unforeseen accident happens.

    This program is very helpful to cardholders and this offer is necessary as an added protection to cardholders.

    How Does the SABB Credit Shield Works?

    The credit shield is offered to all types of primary credit cards. So, if you want to activate or cancel it, you just simply call SABB Direct with number 800 124 8888.

    A premium of 0.49 percent of your monthly outstanding balance is the premium you have to pay if you subscribe to Credit Shield.

    If you want to know how much premium is charged to you, you can see the amount in your monthly credit card statements.

    In case you need to make a claim, you have to call the SABB Takaful Service Center at 800 126 0006 and provide all relevant documents within sixty days after the occurrence of the incident.

    The limits for the Credit Shield is 100 percent of outstanding balance for Classic Credit Cards up to SR50,000 and 100 percent of outstanding for Gold or Platinum Credit Cards up to SR75,000.

    What are the Exclusions for
    SABB Credit Shield?

    Before you activate your subscription to this Credit Shield, you must first know the exclusions for this program.

    The exclusions for this Takaful program are:

    • Primary Cardholders who are below 18 and above 64 years old
    • Training or engaging in hazardous or dangerous sports, activities, or competitions such as water skiing, ski jumping, horse riding, boxing, bungee jumping and others
    • Attempted suicide, suicide, or self-inflicted injuries by the subscriber whether while sane or insane
    • Under the influence of narcotics, drugs, or alcoholSABB Credit Shielf - Credit Card Balances
    • Punishment of the subscriber by the due process of law
    • Intentional or unintentional doing unlawful acts by the subscriber
    • Pre-existing conditions
    • Engaging in aviation other than being a paying passenger on an authorized regular flight
    • Active participation in war and related activities
    • AIDS/HIV infection or any venereal disease.

    In order to avoid problems during any claim, make sure that you read all the fine print for the Credit Shield before you subscribe into the program.


    The Essentials of SABB Amanah Creditcards

    Get to know SABB Amanah Creditcards, which are part of Shariah-compliant products.

    SABB and its continuous effort of providing excellent services to customers seek to create new products and impose improvements to the existing ones.

    SABB Amanah Creditcards - Card Essentials

    The company’s creation of new products aims to maintain their position as the leading credit card company in view of the current development in the industry.

    These cards are designed on the principle of Tawarruq and demonstrate great character and reliability over other credit cards.

    SABB Amanah credit cards offer flexibility to their cardholders by allowing them to pay minimum amount of the total outstanding balance of their account each month.

    The cards also come with the attainable option to shop for free through the ICSABB rewards programme. The program allows the card members in earning points that will entitle them for a shopping voucher useful to get items from participating merchants.

    The high acceptability of these credit cards in the Kingdom and around the world is supported by the fact that SABB share stands at about 20-percent of the market.

    This is mainly because of the high-level of service provided by the company through great product incentives and advantages availed by cardholders, which encouraged others to obtain the cards as well.

    Choice of SABB Amanah Creditcards

    Enjoy great flexibility by getting the best choice of credit cards that are designed with superior spending capabilities to buy what you want whenever and wherever.

    Platinum Card

    This card is for the ambitious who are always on the move. The card is designed to meet individuals with demanding lifestyle.

    Platinum card delivers wonderful privileges through its essential and exclusive features that reflect the type of person you are.

    Visa and MasterCard Cards

    SABB Visa and MasterCard credit cards provide freedom when paying for products and services. They also offer wide range of privileges including ICSABB Rewards Programme that provides opportunity to save through rewards and discounts.

    The packages available for Visa and MasterCard cards are SABB Premier MasterCard and Amana Advance Visa.

    SABB Amanah Creditcards - Card of Choice
    Internet Card 

    With the increase popularity of online shopping, SABB answers the needs of their customer by offering the Interned card.

    The card does not only offer convenient shopping, but also ensures safety online service.

    Internet card has SAR 2000 maximum card limit which minimize risk of misuse.

    SABB Amanah Creditcards – Key Features and Privileges

    SABB credit cards adopt essential features intended to benefit their loyal customers. These features take into consideration convenience and safety of cardholders at all times.

    SABB Amanah Creditcards - Key Features

  • Account balance repayment through easy monthly installments; 5-percent of monthly outstanding
  • Availability of cash advance through SABB ATMs and branches
  • Full protection on lost cards and immediate replacement within 48 hours
  • Cardholders can avail of free Supplementary cards
  • The cards are accepted in KSA and abroad and unrestricted in terms of currency
  • Capability to view credit card account through SABBNET
  • Providing ways to manage cash and track spending
  • Purchase protection coverage against damages, loss and theft
  • People can easily apply for SABB Amanah Creditcards through several channels; through nearest SABB branches, via phone call, or online application.

    Making the SABB Creditcards to Work

    SABB through SABB Creditcards consistently work in providing the best services they can offer even beyond customer’s expectations.

    Wide range of exciting offers awaits SABB loyal customers at their favorite shopping venues in the Kingdom.

    Besides the fact that these cards are accepted worldwide, they provide additional privileges including the ICSABB Rewards Programme, Supplementary cards and availability of Customer Service at all time.

    Consider the following SABB Creditcards and choose which one suits your requirements:

    Platinum Card

    SABB Creditcards - Card that Works

    Platinum card matches ambitious individuals and the way they use their resources. This card offers features that extend essential privileges towards personal growth.

    Visa and MasterCard

    These cards are capable of providing absolute freedom in paying for products and services. Other than payment flexibility, the card offers Rewards Programme that provides savings through from discounts to free shopping.

    Internet Card

    The cards are the answer of SABB to the ever increasing popularity of online shopping.  And together with other great features of the card, SABB makes sure that cardholders will have safety while enjoying their shopping.

    SABB Creditcards – Islamic

    Islamic credit cards from SABB possess unequaled features especially designed to be in compliance with Shariah.

    With the application of Tawarruq principle, outstanding balance of credit card account can be settled through partial payments.

    The features and benefits of Islamic credit card include:

  • Allows cash withdrawals up to 50-percent (card limit)
  • Option for Supplementary Cards
  • Flexibility in currency
  • Several methods of payment are available to pay outstanding balance; through SABBNet or SABB Direct, pay using cash or checks, pay at any SABBbranches or via SADAD service.
  • Protection over lost card
  • Availability of customer service, 24/7
  • ICSABB Reward Programme

    How exactly the Reward Programme works with SABB Creditcards?

    ICSABB is an exemplary reward programme that awards reward voucher simply by using credit cards of SABB.

    The voucher is capable of redeeming wide selection of items at stores all over the Kingdom.

    Every SR 10 spending will be given one (1) point and when the collection of points reached 1,000 points, a voucher will be issued in the amount of SR 100.

    There are great numbers of participating merchants from which the vouchers can be used to redeem your favorite items.

    Other than the option for free shopping, cardholders can use their reward voucher in paying the annual fee of the card.

    The 3D Secure Service

    SABB Creditcards - 3D Secure

    SABB Creditcards ensures online shopping secure through the 3D Secure Service. The great thing is that cardholders need not to pre-register for the service.

    Shopping online can never be any safer in the presence of the Secure Online Payment service. SABB inaugurates “verified by Visa” for SABB Visa card in connection with the security service.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Shop online at your favorite online stores or merchants
    2. Upon check-out, cardholder will be asked of essential information such as credit card number.
    3. Card users will be redirected to the 3D secure verification and will be instructed to input one-time password. The OTP will be sent to the Cellular Phone number that is linked to SABB credit card.
    4. The OTP will be verified as soon as it is entered, and the page will go back to the merchant and complete the transaction.
    5. The 3D secure verification is completed at this point.