Get the Best of Luxury with Samba Infinite Creditcards

Get to the world of Samba Infinite Creditcards and explore life’s unlimited possibilities.

Samba Infinite Creditcards - Lifestyle Statement

This card that is available only by invitation is complementary to individuals with high-end lifestyle and lavish spending needs.

Infinite credit cards offer distinguished purchasing capabilities along with chosen privileges that allow cardholders to enjoy extraordinary lifestyle.

These privileges include access to exclusive offers from superior products and services of the most popular brands to VIP travel amenities throughout the world.

Great Features of Samba Infinite Creditcards

Travel Features

Enjoy VIP treatment and exclusive privileges at most of the finest hotels and relaxing resorts along with complimentary room upgrades as well as valuable discounts on luxury accommodations in several exotic locations.

Concierge Service

Cardholders of Samba Infinite card can expect only the best privileges that compliment luxurious living. The card provides unmatched 24-hours personalized concierge services all over the world.

The service covers request related to business, travel recreation, home maintenance, shopping, entertainment, health, reservations and even picking-up the laundry. With the network of reliable resources in meeting your needs, Infinite credit cards can provide customized solution and offer relevant recommendations.

Concierge service also monitors individual profile consistently to ensure that personal preferences and requirements are understood and met at all times.

Samba Infinite Creditcards - Lifestyle Features


Experience the best shopping opportunities from designer’s fashion outfit to exquisite flower arrangements, from customized furnishings to precious jewelries, taking advantage of luxurious offers and bountiful discounts given by most of the highly acclaimed brands anywhere in the globe.


With Samba Infinite Creditcards, get the advantage of always having a table reserved for you and your company whenever you dine at most of the world’s finest restaurants. Also, have the opportunity of receiving complimentary discounts and exclusive offers only provided to the restaurant owner’s closed friends.


Pamper self, loved ones and friends to extraordinary events and get the essential access privileges that are provided only for cardholders of Samba Infinite Credit Cards. Have the convenience of reserved premium seats when watching the best concerts, games and other important events. Take advantage of preferential rates in connection with membership and other fees at exclusive health & sports clubs. Also, be among the first to be invited in Visa or Samba sponsored events.

Essential Benefits

Samba Infinite Creditcards work their way on everything to provide assurance to cardholders that every details are considered for their benefit. These include reliable round-the-clock emergency services, purchase protection and other benefit features for cardholders peace of mind.

  • Global Emergency Services
  • EMV chip protection
  • Emergency Cash Disbursement
  • Emergency card replacement anywhere
  • Emergency payment authorization
  • Purchase Protection, including extended warranty guarantees
  • Travel insurance
  • Legal and Medical referral

Welcome Samba Infinite Creditcards to your luxurious living and start to enjoy only the best of this card can offer.

Get your life’s requirement and take advantage of great privileges and amenities that only provided to chosen individuals like you.

The Value of Samba Greer Creditcards

The Samba Greer Creditcards is the first co-branded card in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bookstore sector that is Shariah approved.

Samba Greer Creditcards - Card and Bookstore

This card embodied the Samba credit cards superior benefits and offers earning of free points that are useful to redeem special items or use in Jarir bookstore.

The remarkable combination of top credit card brand and pioneering bookstore in Saudi Arabia produces valuable provision of essential services and top quality products.

The card is a great partner wherever you go and whatever you do because it has excellent shopping privileges and highly acceptable in every shop and service related establishments in Saudi and abroad.

Cardholders simply have to know and understand exactly how they can use their Samba Greer credit cards and they will get the habit of using the card regularly.

There is great joy in shopping and at the same time expect something valuable in return. This makes Samba Greer cards as credit card of good value.

Samba Greer Creditcards – Features and Rewards

The people can experience the extraordinary features and wide range of rewards that Greer card provides.

  • Take advantage of the zero-percent Taqseet on all purchases from Jarir Bookstore without fees and no markup.
  • Earn two rewards points every time you spent SR 100 using the card when buying at Jarir Bookstore.
  • All other purchases using the card will earn one reward point for every SR 100 spent.

Samba Greer Creditcards - Rewards Feature

  • Take the opportunity of having instant ten-percent discount on purchases made in Jarir Bookstore.
  • Any product bought from Jarir using Samba Greer Creditcards will have free extended warranty over the original manufacturer warranty.
  • Any other products purchased using the card is covered with protection against damage and theft.

Essential features and benefits are vested to every credit card that Samba Bank designed.

This formed part of the company commitment in delivering financial products that provide value and excellence to the customers.
Samba bank is capable of taking its position in the credit card industry, which is at par with the other credit card brands in the world.

Samba Greer Creditcards
and Jarir Bookstore

The rewards feature of Samba Greer card is tied up with Jarir Bookstore.

Every time cardholders shopped at the said bookstore they are treated with discount and the opportunity of earning rewards points.

Jarir Bookstore is regarded as a company built because of great effort and undying commitment of the Al-Agil brothers.

These visionary brothers started with one small store in Jarir Street at Malaz, Riyadh.

Samba Greer Creditcards - Jarir Bookstore

The store specialized in supplying school and office items with the intention of meeting the demands of the customers and providing them of high degree of satisfaction.

Throughout the years, Jarir Bookstore is recognized as market leader in Saudi Arabia under the bookstores sector.

Today they expanded their items from school and office supplies to books and I.T. products.

The company continuously explore on other products and possibilities in meeting customer requirements.

These innovative and exciting products are available for shopping using the Samba Greer Creditcards.

Other than instant discounts, customers can expect to earn Reward points every time they buy from Jarir Bookstore.

This is great privilege of using Samba Greer credit card because of the capability of earning rewards while enjoying shopping from a world-class bookstore.

Samba Jarir Credit Card is More Than a Credit Card

Samba Jarir Credit Card Samba Jarir Credit Card is more than a regular credit card because it is the very first credit card that is Shariah approved and co-branded in the bookstores segment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These credit cards also come with the entire superior benefits that Samba Credit Cards offer to cardholders that earn rewards points redeemable and used at Jarir bookstores.

Indeed, these credit cards are your best option. These cards provide you the best spending opportunities of a Samba card being accepted almost in all stores and service outlets in Saudi Arabia and anywhere in the world.

The superior rewards and features of these credit cards include among others:

  • Every SR 100 spent when you use these Jarir credit cards at any branch of Jarir Bookstores, you can earn two Rewards Points from Samba Al-Khair Jarir Credit Cards.
  • You can also get Zero Percent Taqseet on your purchases with no mark-up and fees at Jarir Bookstore. Cardholders are provided with exclusive offers and priority booking for latest products.
  • For every SR 100 that you spend on your card when you shop anywhere else worldwide, you earn one Rewards Point from Samba Al-Khair Jarir cards. You can save even more on your purchases for tablets, smarthphones, laptops, and more.
  • When you make purchases at Jarir Bookstore, you automatically get ten percent discount on most items such as school supplies, books, Jarir Publications, and stationeries.
  • You get free extra protection for damage and theft when you use these credit cards in buying any product. Having peace of mind is something that all cardholders would want to achieve.
  • These credit cards also provide you with free extended warranty over the warranty given by the manufacturer.
  • Most importantly, these credit cards are Shariah-compliant approved by Samba.

    More Information on Samba Jarir Credit Card

    Samba Jarir Credit Card is in fact the best companion for your shopping needs. However, before you get one for yourself; it is best that you learn more about these credit cards.

    Firstly, before you apply for these credit cards; your monthly salary or income should be between SR 3,000 and SR 6,000.

    These credit cards are Islamic cards that carry an annual fee of SR 300 and do not offer balance transfers and cashbacks.

    If you will use other currencies, an exchange rate of 2.75% will apply on your credit card.

    In case you will incur outstanding balance amounts on your credit card, the rate applied to your monthly outstanding balance is 2.5%, but if you are an account holder, the rate would only be 2.2%.

    Rewards for Samba Jarir Credit Card include two Rewards points for every SR 100 purchase at Jarir Bookstore, one Rewards point for every SR 100 purchase elsewhere in the Kingdom and abroad, and an instant discount of ten percent on your purchases on certain items at Jarir Bookstore.



    Samba Platinum Creditcards Spending Benefits

    Cashback is a standout feature of Samba Platinum Creditcards, which provides an extra mile to your money.

    Samba Platinum Creditcards - Cashback Benefits

    With the Platinum cash back, get 50-percent cashback from movie ticket purchases anywhere and any time in the word. This is also applicable when purchasing online.

    Impress your family and other friends with a 10-percent cashback from all Duty Free shops.

    Take advantage of great savings even up to 5-percent cashback from all purchases of airline ticket. This is applicable on purchases made through airline offices, travel agencies or at their respective websites.

    International purchases will commend cardholders with 3-percent cashback. This is applicable to all spending made using the card outside UAE from shopping to entertainment, dining, leisure and hotel stays.

    Local purchases within UAE of furniture, jewelries, electronic gadgets, designer products and other exclusive brands will yield one percent cashback.

    Samba Platinum card is not only big on cash back, but also it also extends premium dining benefits and premium auto advantages.

    Enjoy your favorite cuisine with discounts and also avail of buy one take one offers as well at more than one hundred restaurants in UAE. Moreover, get unlimited opportunity to save all year round at many selected venues.

    Have an access to airport lounges in the Middle East through Samba Platinum Creditcards and also expect a trouble-free, complimentary vehicle assistance 24/7.

    Samba Platinum Creditcards Added Benefits

    Have more from Samba Platinum cards additional benefits.

    Supplementary Cards. Share your great card benefits to you loved ones by providing them with supplementary cards that you can apply free. Cardholders can actually apply for four Supplementary cards that the whole family will enjoy.

    Shop Now, Pay Later. This scheme from Samba Platinum offers convenient installment plans with repayments spreadable from six to thirty-six months at reasonable interest. Cardholders must purchase more than AED 500 to avail of this feature.

    Call for a Draft. Should Samba Platinum credit card is not accepted for payment of services, cardholders may request a draft over the phone. The bank will send the draft bearing the company name of the establishment that the cardholder is paying.

    Transaction Alerts. Receive SMS alerts notifications of every transaction made involving the credit card.

    How to Get Samba Platinum Creditcards

    Individuals who wish to apply for Samba Platinum credit card should comply with the following requirements.

    For Salaried Employees:

    Samba Platinum Creditcards - Additional Benefits

    1. A copy of the applicant’s valid passport along with the residence visa
    2. A proof of income

    For Self-Employed Applicants:

    1. A Copy of applicant’s valid passport together with the residence visa
    2. A proof of income
    3. A copy of applicant’s Trade License
    4. A Copy of the MOA, Partnership Agreement, POA

    Applicants may also apply for Samba Platinum Creditcards online. He or she must fill-in theonline form and Samba representatives will be of assistance. They may contact SambaPhone banking by calling the toll-free number 24-hours a day at 800 SAMBA (72622).

    Better Shopping Experience with Samba Panda Creditcards

    The Samba Panda Creditcards make daily shopping a rewarding experience.

    Samba Panda Creditcards - Card Food Store

    How is that, one may ask. Continue to read on and discover for yourself the reason that this credit card is more than what most customers are expecting.

    This Shariah approved credit card represents the first co-branded card in the sector of retail grocery in Saudi Arabia.

    People can expect that the essential Samba credit card features can be found in Samba Panda cards.

    First of all, the card has excellent benefits and capable of earning points for redemption and use at Panda and HyperPanda stores.

    Customers can expect quality products from Panda supermarkets and hyperPanda stores due to the company’s continuous commitment to innovation.

    Valuable products and earning points for rewards are two incredible reasons to use Samba Panda credit cards more often.

    Samba Panda Creditcards Rewards Scheme

    Aside from the common benefits bestowed to Samba credit cards, the Panda card offers its unique rewards system.

    The card hands over to cardholder free shopping voucher amounting to SR 350 yearly, and can be redeemed at any stores of Panda and HyperPanda.

    If you use the card to shop at Panda and HyperPanda stores, it gives you 2-percent cashback.

    Additionally, using the card to shop anywhere else would give you 1-percent cashback.

    Samba Panda Creditcards - Rewards Feature

    Knowing the importance of safety and protection in shopping, the Samba Panda Creditcards are (EMV) chip protected.

    Of course, customer can still take advantage of the essential features and benefits of the card such as high acceptability, convenient payment of utilities, Dial-A-Draft and flexible installments plans.

    Samba Panda Creditcards and Panda

    The Samba and Panda co-branded credit card is the key in conveniently meeting the needs of customers in food supply.

    Azizia Panda United (APU), founded in 1978 is recognized in Saudi Arabia as vital establishment in retail sector.

    The company is a result of merger between Panda and Azizia companies in 1994. Eventually, the Savola Group acquired APU in the late 1998.

    The acquisition boosted APU towards advancement and expansion that resulted to having the biggest market share in the retail sector.

    APU continues to grow through regional expansion with the acquisition of large supermarkets in KSA and Lebanon by Savola Group, and merged them with APU.

    The company is committed to constant innovation with the purpose of meeting the needs of their customers.

    Samba Panda Creditcards - Panda Stores

    Panda co-branding with Samba resulted to the emerging of Samba Panda Creditcards that serve as effective channel for cardholders to enjoy the convenience of shopping at Panda with the opportunity to earn great rewards.

    Currently, APU is operating and managing more than 124 hypermarkets and supermarkets that are ready to serve the customers inside and outside the Kingdom.

    APU stores sell Panda products exclusively. Such products reached success fast and as a result they are considered as the top choices to customers because of quality and reasonable prices.

    On the other hand, points can be earned while shopping in Panda stores and hypermarkets using the Samba Panda credit cards.

    This means having more reasons to shop at Panda and maximize all the benefits you can get.



    Enjoying Life with Samba Gold Creditcards

    Through Samba Gold Creditcards, enjoyment in life is possible. Do you believe that?

    Samba Gold Creditcards - Enjoying Life

    Card members can experience wonderful card benefits that Visa and MasterCard are known for.   These essential features are made available through Samba Gold card.

    The benefits of this card range from cash back to valuable offers to reliable card services that can be shared even to the other members of the family.

    Moreover, free self from the pressure of paying in full by choosing the installment option that the bank offers to its cardholders.

    Applying for Samba Gold Creditcards is simple by filling-in the online form or calling the 24-hour SambaPhone banking number 800 SAMBA (72622).

    Distinct Features of Samba Gold Creditcards

    Gold credit cards of Samba have distinct features that are beneficial to cardholders.

    The card offers Cash Back earnings up to 5-percent on your purchases. Additionally, cardholders can have as much as 50-percent cash back on cinema ticket purchase.

    Take advantage of great offers at restaurants that will not only benefit cardholders, but their loved ones as well.

    Samba Gold Creditcards - Distinct Features

    The card offers great service through Samba Automate. Expect comprehensive automotive services through this feature that includes emergency roadside assistance and other common vehicle services. Simply call the Samba Automate number 800 46224 to access the service.

    Get the chance to apply for additional four Supplementary credit cards free for other members of the family. This is a great offer to share the benefits of the card to others.

    With the Shop now pay later feature, card members may opt to pay in installments from six to 36 months at very reasonable interest rates. This benefit is applicable for purchases above AED 500.

    During instances where Samba Gold credit cards are not accepted as mode of payment for some services, cardholders can request a draft from Samba. They only need to call SambaPhone banking to request for “Dial-a-Draft” feature. The bank will immediately send draft with the name of the establishment that the member would want to pay.

    Have a great way to monitor each and every transaction made by receiving SMS alerts from Samba Bank.

    The Samba Gold Card Cash Back Feature

    Get to earn on your purchases using the card up to 5-percent cash back. This feature does not require a minimum spending.

    Cash back is a way in which Samba rewards their cardholders on their spending.

    It is calculated every month basing on the Samba cashback computation guidelines and credited accordingly as earned to the cardholders.Samba Gold Creditcards - Cashback Features

    All Samba Gold Creditcards holders are automatically enrolled into the program and earning of cashback begins as soon as cardholders start using their credit card.

    Every retail transaction made through the card is qualified for cashback. And since there is no minimum spending requirement, all the purchases are capable of earning cashback points.

    The cashback earned will be shown in the monthly card statement as cashback points. Cardholder can redeem the equivalent cash of cashback point by request, and the amount will be credited to their Samba Gold Creditcards account.

    The maximum amount that can be earned through cashback programme is AED 2000 in a year.

    Great Things About Samba Cavalry Creditcards

    Use Samba Cavalry Creditcards for shopping and take the opportunity of getting free miles cavalry.

    Samba Cavalry Creditcards - Free Miles

    The remarkable thing about this card is the uncommon unification of excellent features of Samba credit card and superior services of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

    Combining the features into one card offers exceptional purchasing power and valuable rewards.

    The card also has the essential features of what Samba credit cards commonly offer to their customers. Such basic features actually extend the common use of credit card in order for the cardholders to experience exclusive privileges and take advantage of special offers.

    Hence, customers can only expect the same, if not more than great benefits that these credit cards provide.

    Special Benefits of Samba Cavalry Creditcards

    The Samba Cavalry cards provide the card members with extraordinary benefits that are exclusive for this type of card.

    Every time cardholders spend SR5 using their card, it will earn one mile cavalry free program. In addition, they have a chance of earning more miles at particular periods in a year.

    Samba Cavalry Creditcards - Essential Features

    In order to facilitate faster earning of miles, bonus reward miles are given through certain promotions.

    The card offers free upgrades as well as free flights.

    The Cavalry membership card is personalized for the exclusivity and protection.

    On Saudi Arabian flights, cardholders are provided with additional baggage allowance, and are prioritized on waiting list.

    In addition, card members of Samba Cavalry Creditcards have privilege of late boarding and given an advance seat and meal selection.

    Applying for Samba Cavalry Creditcards?

    Are you wishing to apply for Samba Cavalry cards? Here is how to go about it.

    Applicants have to fill-out an application form completely and submit the same together with the required documents to any of following:

    • Any Samba Bank branches
    • Send via mail to the bank’s post office box
    • Or by calling the 24-hour toll free number of Samba bank

    What are the documents required to apply for the card?

    Samba Cavalry Creditcards - Application

    • Clear and enlarged copy of the National Identification card for Saudi nationals
    • Clear copy, Iqama and passport for expatriates bearing the home country complete address
    • Salaried employee applicants require to submit a letter originating from employer stating among others the date of employment, job position and the monthly income
    • Self-employed applicants must submit bank statements for at least the last three months prior to application date
    • Non-account holder of Samba may submit copy of any following documents; letter of employment or credit card issued by another bank

    Applicants should be ready with documents that may be required by the bank in addition to what are already mentioned.

    What should I do if I want to apply for additional Supplementary cards?

    Applicants for Supplementary cards should fill-out the section in the application form that pertains to supplementary card application, and submit the same to any of the Samba bank branches or call toll free number.

    All applicants should take note that the information related to Samba Cavalry Creditcards and other Samba cards is subject to change without any prior notice.

    The Samba bank also reserves the right of accepting or rejecting any application submitted at its own discretion.

    Get Rewarded with Samba Mobily Creditcards

    Want free Mobily minutes? Get them with Samba Mobily Creditcards by earning points while doing your shopping.

    The earned points are redeemable for free Mobile minutes as well as other valuable benefits. This makes your purchases yield valuable returns.

    Samba Mobily Creditcards - Free Mobily Minutes

    Apparently, the coverage of the program is both for Mobily prepaid and postpaid services. This satisfies more cardholders that are users of the phone service at the same time.

    Such, is a unique opportunity of combining the best features of Samba credit cards and the leading telecom company in the Kingdom, Mobily. With the facilitation of Mobility Neqaty Rewards programme, these cards are remarkable.

    The exclusive benefits of Samba Mobily credit cards include automatic charging of the Mobily phone bill to the card.

    Every time card members spent SR10 on retail purchases, they will be earning one free point reward. That is relatively easy, considering the need of purchasing items every now and then.

    The accumulated points can be used in availing free talk time, choosing to pay Mobily phone bill or use in redeeming other rewards from Mobily Neqaty program.

    Samba Credit Cards Common Benefits

    Samba Mobily Creditcards - Card FeaturesSamba Bank offers wide range of credit cards that let you choose only the best card for your needs.

    Identify the card that suits your lifestyle from basic credit cards to other ones that allow collection of points such as Samba Mobily Creditcards.

    These cards embodied the valuable features that Samba bank cards are known for with the purpose of giving superior benefits for card members.

    Samba credit cards are highly accepted around the world and cardholders can expect 24-hour customer service for any emergency needs concerning the cards.

    Get the wide array of features and enjoy using these cards on your spending or luxurious living.

    • Opportunity to apply Taqseet extended payment scheme
    • Taking advantage of Dial-A-Draft if you need to pay other things that cannot be paid with your card
    • Convenient payment of utility bills
    • Free Supplementary cards for other members of the family
    • Availability of Low-Limit card useful for online shopping
    • Continuous exclusive deals and special offers at high-end merchants and other establishments

    Samba Mobily Creditcards Convenient Features

    Samba Mobily Creditcards - ConvenienceMake use of the card to have a life of convenience and be able to spend time with more important matters.

    Get out from worries with the 24-hour immediate lost card replacement. In the event that card members lost their card or when it is stolen, they can report it through Sambaphone.

    Settle your monthly credit card balance through any convenient payment method that suits you.

    1. Cardholders can log-on to SambaOnline to pay through the Internet
    2. You can choose to call toll-free numbers of SambaPhone to make payments at 800 124 2000
    3. Do the payment using Samba Automated Teller Machines
    4. Card members may also visit the Samba Bank branch nearest to them
    5. If you have an existing account with Samba, you can pay through Direct Debit request
    6. Payment of monthly billing for Samba Mobily Creditcards can be done also via mail, you can send the check enclosed with the portion of the billing to P.O. Box 17383, Riyadh 11484.



    Expediency of Having Samba Cards for Business

    The Samba Cards for Business are exclusively designed for businesspersons. The cards can be your great partner in managing business affairs especially on concerns that are financial in nature.

    Samba Cards for Business - Help for Business Owners

    These cards have the essential features and privileges geared to help people in the growing needs of their business and to take control over their expenses.

    Samba cards would make a great business support because it offers help to your business transactions and add prestige in the industry where you belong.

    With the opportunity of getting additional credit line, business owners will have an extra cash flow to settle various business expenses.

    That is only the beginning, how about taking advantage of getting supplementary cards for key employees of the company free. This will properly delegate management of expenses and let you perform other business tasks that are important for company growth.

    Privileges of Samba Cards for Business

    Delight yourself and your business with the superior privileges that Samba cards can deliver, which include:

    High-Acceptability. The card has worldwide acceptance, which means wider scope of use in the kingdom and around the world. Cardholders will have less concern if raw materials and other business requirements are only available abroad.

    Reliable Customer Care. Credit card complications may get in the way and disrupt smooth flow of business. With the card’s 24-hour customer care, your emergency card needs are immediately attended and lessen your worries.

    Cash Availability. Business requires cash at all times, which through Samba Cards for business can be provided by cash withdrawals anytime and anywhere.

    Samba Cards for Business - Financial Features

    Payment of Utility Bills. Samba credit cards are convenient way to settle utility bills on time. Never be caught again of service being cut-off or get penalized with late payment charges.

    Monthly Credit Card Payment.  Samba bank provides several payment options that let cardholders pay their outstanding accounts anytime of the day. They can use payment facilities including Automated Teller Machines, SambaPhone and SambaOnline.

    Applying for Samba Cards for Business

    Good credit cards applicable for business use are great cards to own and here is how simple to apply for one.

    Completely fill-out the application form and together with the necessary documents submit the same through any Samba bank branches.

    One can also apply by sending their application by mail to the post office box of the bank.

    Another convenient way is by calling 24-hour SambaPhone and be entertained by friendly bank representatives.

    Applicants should be ready with the following documentary requirements:

    Samba Cards for Business - Applying for the Card

    • Enlarged clear copy of national identification card for Saudi nationals
    • Copy of Iqama together with the passport for expatriates
    • Self-employed individuals should provide bank statements comprising the last three months before the application date
    • If applicant is non-Samba account holders, they should include a copy of credit card from other bank

    Supplementary cards can be applied using the provided portion of the application form and can be submitted through the same channels.

    Having the Samba Cards for Business offer more effective control over business finances. Together with the convenient use of the card, business owners can expect help whenever and wherever they need it.

    Paying Purchases through Samba Al-Khair Card

    How can you pay with your Samba Al-Khair Card?

    If you are a traveler and often do your shopping anywhere in the world or you need immediate cash while abroad, you can pay all these purchases and cash withdrawals with your Al-Khair credit card from Samba.

    Since these credit cards are Shariah-compliant, you can pay back your purchases in a Shariah way.

    What else can you pay with these credit cards?

    These cards are very helpful in paying for your electricity, telephone and mobile bills. Not only that, you can also pay house rent, school fees, car installments and other important needs with a Dial-a-Draft checks drawn against your Al-Khair card.

    How do you use the Dial-A-Draft method? You will just simply call SambaPhone at 800 124 2000 and you can already get a draft issued within your available credit line.

    The Advantages of Owning a Samba Al-Khair Card

    Samba Al-Khair Card is one of the many cards issued by Samba that can very well suit you if you are using credit card to pay for most of your monthly bills such as electricity, telephone, and others.

    One advantage of owning this type of credit card is convenience and flexibility in paying for your purchases and bills.

    These credit cards are ready credit that you can bring anywhere that give the financial flexibility even in time of unexpected expenses.

    Another advantage is the safety that it gives you. We know very well that bringing large amount of cash is dangerous. But, with a Samba credit card, you need not worry especially when you travel locally or internationally.

    Lastly, carrying a credit card is just like carrying cash because you can withdraw money from any ATMs around the world.

    Awesome Benefits You Get from Samba Al-Khair Card

    Do you know that Samba Al-Khair Card is loaded with excellent world class features that provide you the most benefits from a credit card?

    Among these features and benefits include:

    Samba Al-Khair Card - Card for Making Payments

  • The benefit of being able to buy today and pay back in reference to your chosen payment options. Five percent of your outstanding monthly balance is the rate of interest if you choose to pay in installments.
  • You have the capacity to get instant cash within your limit for cash advances from any of the ATMs in Saudi Arabia or Samba branches and participating ATMs, financial institutions, and banks worldwide.
  • These credit cards are widely accepted worldwide. This means you can use your credit card almost anywhere in the world.
  • With your Samba Al-Khair card, you are able to pay your bills at no extra charge. The bills included for payment are water bills, electricity, STC, King Abdulaziz University, Marafiq, Madina Municipality, Mobily, NCCI, and CITC.