Better Way to Pay with Samba Creditcards

The Samba Creditcards are one of the best ways to pay.

Whether you are shopping, travelling, entertaining guests or celebrating, these cards are simply reliable.

Samba Creditcards - Better Way to Pay

Even other needs such as payment for rentals, home repairs, monthly installments and utility bills are covered by credit cards from Samba bank.

These cards have world class features, exclusive rewards and cash back capabilities depending on which card you would choose.

Customers will never go wrong in trusting Samba bank and its credibility related to various financial products and services including credit cards.

The bank is consistently ranked among the world’s top 50 safest banks, three years in a row, and maintained its place to be the safest bank establishment in Saudi Arabia.

Samba bank also has the dominance in banking institutions on local, regional as well as international scene.

The bank reflects ferventness in their management through the adoption of balanced policies on finance and banking, which promotes its credit competence and reliability.

The Features of Samba Creditcards

Credit cards from Samba bank present great features with the purpose of rewarding card members and provide maximum benefits and protection.

Cashback Program 

The Samba credit cards Cashback Programs are designed for the best interest of customers and to meet their lifestyle.

The program aims to provide the maximum value of money that is used in individuals’ daily spending.

Whether cardholders spent for rental payments, shopping, paying bills or travels, the program ensures them in receiving the corresponding cashback.

The cashback facilities of Samba bank are through Platinum Cashback Program, the Titanium Everyday Cash back Program and 5% Cashback Program.

Cards’ Additional Benefits

Samba Creditcards - Great Features

Share the good feature of these cards to your loved one by getting them free Supplementary Cards even up to four additional cards.

Card members can take advantage of the installment plan that offers convenient repayment of purchases for six to 36 months.

Samba offers a way to avail of the Dial-A-Draft, which is an alternative way of payment whenever your credit card is not accepted.

The monitoring of every credit card transactions is made with ease through instant SMS alerts.

The Payment Options for Samba Creditcards

One responsible way of managing credit card account is paying at the right time. Knowing this, Samba bank offers easy accessible payment options to their customers.

Cardholders can simply choose their preferred means of payment that will extend the best convenience and safety.

UAE Exchange

The payments through UAE Exchange can be accepted with its 114 branches. It is up to the card member to pick which branch is the most convenient for them. Customers that will pay through this option should bring their Samba Creditcards with them.

Al Fardan Exchange

Samba Creditcards - Payment Options

Card members may choose to pay through Al Fardan Exchange, which has 35 branches all over UAE.

Samba Automated Teller Machines (ATM) 

Payment of your outstanding credit card account can be made through Samba ATMs that are strategically located across Dubai.

Samba Bank Account

Existing holders of Samba bank accounts can easily pay their credit card though their bank accounts through direct debit set-up or account transfer payment option.

In connection with the payment of credit card account, Samba bank offers favorable arrangement to its card member through the bank’s facility called Credit Shield.

Credit Shield assures the cardholders that their credit card outstanding balance is well protected.

Card members will be charged only with minimal fees as low as 0.69% per month on the cards outstanding.

The coverage of this protection for Samba Creditcards is up to AED 150,000.