Banque Saudi Fransi and Commercial Banking Services

Through a Royal Degree, Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) was established as a Joint Stock Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company intends to cater commercial banking services serving both domestic customers and abroad.

BSF purposes to create a personalized partnership with its clients in a long-term basis and gain their loyalty by providing recognized banking expertise, superior service, and offering innovative, customized financial solutions.

Banque Saudi Fransi - Commercial Banking Services

As a commitment to the society they belong, the company tirelessly extends every endeavor to support the Saudi Arabian government in terms of economic improvement programs, strengthen the economy through developmental efforts and eventually promote community’s welfare.

Banque Saudi Fransi entered into an agreement with the Social Affairs Ministry in furtherance of their support to the Ministry’s activities and programs to unite the efforts exerted by many charitable organizations.

Furthermore, the bank assists the ministry with various donations and also participates in many media campaigns for social awareness. The agreement includes the exchanging of ideas about charity works and promotes cooperation between the public and private sectors.

BSF showed credible ideal of growth that brought about their present financial stability and primacy in Saudi Arabian market.

With regard to Islamic banking, the company implements substantial improvement related to the development of their products in order to comply with the Islamic Sharia provisions.

Personal Banking Style of Banque Saudi Fransi

The services provided by Banque Saudi Fransi include alternative products for individuals and companies such as treasury and investment services.

Other than these services in which BSF is a leader, they also do leasing and participate in Tawarruq that is particularly for their corporate customers.

When it comes to Personal Banking Services, the company provides unique products and also introduces innovative ones while keeping the focus to their objective of catering to specific needs of clients.

The following are BSF’s Personal Banking Services:

Personal Financing

Personal Financing includes SAKAN, Credit Card and Personal Loan.

SAKAN offer home loans for employees belong to the government and semi-government unit.

Credit card issued by the company provides flexibility to suit individual lifestyle.

Personal loan is being offered as support for people who seek to have financial freedom and buy what they want.

Tawafoq – Islamic

Tawafoq is an Islamic banking program of the company concentrated in providing Shariah-compliant products. Each product from this program are evaluated and monitored carefully by Shariah Supervisory Committee.

Banque Saudi Fransi - Personal Banking Services

Priority Banking

Priority Banking deals with Elite Services and Privilege Services.

Elite services are provided for the elite service customers. The services are performed by experienced and well-trained Relationship Officers dedicated to serve the bank’s elite service segment such as management of accounts, international transfers, safety-deposit boxes and other exclusive banking services.

Privilege services on the other hand let the members enjoy conducting their transactions in the Privilege lounges that are designed in providing convenience and privacy.


This service is the bank’s system to deliver high technology capabilities and excellent remote banking services.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning involves the Al Ghad and Al Anjal.

Al-Ghad offers simple, but effective retirement plan for individuals to spend their life free from financial concerns.

Al-Anjal is a plan geared for the educational needs of your children. This is provided by BSF in collaboration with the largest insurance company in the world, Assurances Generales de France.


The programs implemented by Banque Saudi Fransi prioritized families and their financial needs.

Programs are also offered intended for ladies to serve their banking needs efficiently under complete confidentiality and privacy.




Why is Bank Muscat the Leading Banking Services Provider

Bank Muscat is the leading financial institution in Oman by having a total assets amounting to over US$ 18 billion.

Bank Muscat- Leads Banking Services

With one hundred thirty seven branches, four hundred fifteen ATMs, four thousand five hundred POS terminals, and one hundred forty one CDMs; it has the largest network among the other banks.

Consequently, it has an evident presence in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Treasury, and Asset Management in the Middle East.

As for the bank’s international operations; it has a branch in Riyadh and Kuwait. It also has representative offices in Singapore and Kuwait.

Another factor that makes this bank a leading entity in the financial world is its shares at different banks and corporations that include: a forty three percent share in one of the oldest and most prestigious securities companies, the Mangal Keshav Group; ninety seven percent shares in a Saudi Arabian investment and brokerage company, the MuscatCapital – LLC; and some shares in Silkbank Limited of Pakistan.

With all these shares and physical presence, this bank one of the most reliable banks to deal with.

Bank Muscat’s Different Divisions

Bank Muscat has five major divisions that provide services to its customers and clients.

Through these divisions, the bank is able to reach out to its customers and deliver outstanding financial products and services.

The five major divisions compose of:

Consumer Banking

How Muscat bank does provide the best consumer banking? It is done by assuring customers of flexible and specific products and services for their banking needs.

These customized products are provided in their loans and mortgages, accounts and deposits, banking channels, insurances, money transfers and other remittances, priority banking, payment facilities, expat services, and card services.

Muscat bank cards not only consist of credit cards, but the bank also offers debit cards, pre-paid cards, corporate cares and merchant services to suit the particular needs of its clients.

Corporate Banking

The Corporate Banking Division of Muscat Bank provides the best financial expertise to commercial and industrial businesses.

Being the leading bank in Oman in providing corporate financial services, it caters both to the overseas and domestic requirements of small, medium, and large corporations by tendering a versatile corporate banking products such as capital and project financing.

Among the bank’s corporate clients consist of local and multinational companies that deal with trading, water, contracting, power, oil and gas, telecommunications, shipping, aviation, real estate, ports and airports, international trading, gas and petrochemicals.

Investment Banking

Bank Muscat- Diversified Service Provider

How can investment banking help consumers? Actually, this bank has help in the development of investment financing mainly in Oman. Through this division, numerous and various companies have grown not only in its production, but also financially.

Among the innovations of this bank are its corporate bonds, debt products, index trackers, private equity funds, guaranteed products, international investments products, and subordinated products.

Private Banking

This division was created particularly to offer customers with comprehensive, exclusive, and workable financial solutions from reliable financial experts.

Personalized attention and specific banking office provided to private banking customers are very much appreciated by the bank’s clients, both individuals and companies.

Among the private banking services offered by this division include trust services, financial planning services, and banking services.

Asset Management

Companies and individuals who need help in making the best decisions for their assets rely on the expertise and best services of this division.

With asset management, clients are able to maximize the use of their assets and engage in more projects without the danger of experiencing losses.

Bank Muscat hires only competent staff to handle investments and assets of their clients under this division to ensure efficiency, transparency, and productivity.




Bank Al Jazira and the Sports Industry

What makes Bank Al Jazira stands out among its competitors such as Sharjah Islamic Bank, Bank Albilad, Saudi Investment Bank, Riyad Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, Samba Financial Group, Banque Saudi Fransi, and Saudi Hollandi Bank?

Bank Al Jazira - Supporting Sports

This banking institution is based in Saudi Arabia and has its headquarter in Jeddah. The main involvements of Al Jazira are banking services and products that are Shariah compliant.

Being the first bank in Saudi to invest in the industry of sports is the factor that makes Al Jazira Bank stands out among its competitors.

Sela Sports and Al Jazira Bank entered into an agreement, which is the beginning of the bank’s entrance into the venture of Sports investment in Saudi.

Al Jazira foresaw and acknowledges the value and hopeful potential of the sports industry and possible contribution to the development of youth welfare and sports sector.

This venture in sports marketing and investment have delivered high returns on investment and made the sports industry a profitable business.

The Services and Products of Bank of Al Jazira

Relative with other Saudi Banks, Bank of Al Jazira offers business, personal, and investment financial services.

Providing pioneering banking solutions to prestigious individuals and large business and industrial institutions is also an expertise of this bank.

Another popular service of Al Jazira is the provision of telephone banking, visa card, cash transfer, utility payment, current account, and safe-deposit for women.

The bank’s business banking includes commercial and corporate banking, trade finance, financial syndication, Islamic funding and treasury services.

On the other hand, the bank’s investment banking provides investments funds, financial management, local stock exchange, international stock brokering, and Islamic investments.

To date, the bank has about one thousand six hundred employees who provide high standard services to the bank’s clients and customers.

Bank Al Jazira Cards Services

Bank Al Jazira provides various card services that include:

Credit Cards

Bank of Al Jazira offers the following credit cards:

  • Visa Platinum Cards – credit cards that are specially designed for prestigious and privileged customers
  • Visa Gold Cards – credit cards that provide privileges and exclusive features for the cardholders
  • Visa Classic Cards – credit cards for cardholders’ flexibility and peace of mind.
  • 6ouomou7 – a unique credit card program particularly designed for individuals aged between fifteen and twenty four years old.
  • Credit Card Comparison

    The bank provides a detailed comparison of the different credit cards they offer in order for customers and applicants determine which card is the most applicable for them.

    This way, applicants can maximize the use of their cards and makes a lot of savings.

    Secure for Online Shopping

    In order to make shopping online save and to ensure that other people cannot access the credit cardholders of Al Jazira credit cards, the bank offers Secure for cardholders’ online shopping.

    The “Verified by Visa”, a verification program created by Visa provides the security for cardholders’ online shopping.

    Credit Card Cash Back Programs

    By using credit cards issued by Al Jazira Bank when purchasing goods and services, through the Cash Back Program; cardholders are rewarded and the amount will appear on the monthly statements of cardholders.

    BAJ credit cards are automatically enrolled in the Cash Back Rewards Program once the cards are activated.

    Credit Card Offers

    Bank Al Jazira - Banking Services

    The credit card offers of Al Jazira Bank are categorized as Partners Offers and Global Offers.

    The Partners Offers are provided by merchants located within Saudi Arabia. Cardholders are given discounts by various local partner merchants.

    On the other hand, Global Offers are provided by partner merchants within and outside Saudi Arabia such as Samsonite, Ace Travel, Avis and many more.

    Credit Cards Application

    Getting a credit card from the Bank Al Jazira is easy. The applicant can do it either at any branch or online.

    By simply filling in the e-form for online application, the applicant will readily receive a call from one of the bank’s specialist to provide assistance for the application process.