The Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

The Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards are cards made easy. The company has proven this by offering the best line of credit cards that provide convenience and flexibility.

Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Simple Cards

These cards are perfected to meet the needs of different types of customers and suit their personal preferences.

Whatever your spending requirements, credit card is the best alternative for cash to settle all of them.

Whether you pay for shopping, pay your bills or make reservations, Saudi Hollandi Bank credit cards are the best way to do it.

Other than making payments, these cards offer earning of rewards, getting discounts from stores and avail special privileges when traveling.

Further, owning the cards will entitle the cardholders in receiving exclusive services designed to match their lifestyle.

Features of Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

Credit cards from Saudi Hollandi Bank are bundled with excellent features that are essential for daily use.

  • The annual fee is free for first year of card membership.
  • Facilitates balance transfer with zero-percent profit for three months.
  • Cardholders have option in paying their purchases by installment basis; three, six, twelve or up to sixty months payment terms.
  • Availability of Supplementary cards for other members of the family.
  • Card capability of earning reward points through Tadallal Rewards Programme.Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Card Choices
  • Convenient cash transfer from card to bank account through phone call or online.
  • Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards facilitate getting up-to-date discounts and special offers from different brands.
  • The cards are equipped with smart chip and have instant SMS notification in order to secure cardholders in their online shopping.
  • Choosing the Best Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

    Saudi Hollandi Bank lined up wide range of cards to match personal needs and exclusive lifestyles.

    Gold Credit Card

    Gold card is accepted worldwide, eligible to get discounts and capable of earning reward points.

    The card has yearly SR 350 card issuance fee, requires SR 5,000 minimum monthly salary to apply (if salary is transferred to bank), SR 8,000 (If salary transferred to other bank).

    Titanium Credit Card

    Titanium card has worldwide acceptance, discounts available from various brands, includes SHB Reward program.

    Members of this card have free airport lounge access. The card requires SR 450 annual card issuance fee, minimum monthly salary of SR 10,000 when applying.

    Platinum Credit Card

    Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Card Features

    Platinum card is accepted worldwide, get discounts from different brands, can earn points for Tadallal Rewards Programme.

    Moreover, members of this card get free access to various airport lounges, covered by travel accident insurance, can avail trip inconvenience protection, have travel medical benefits, and provided with luggage protection.

    The card is also entitled for purchase protection, has free extended warranty coverage on items purchased, can get immediate card replacement and avail of emergency cash replacement.

    In applying for Platinum card, one must have minimum monthly salary of SR 15,000. The card has SR 600 card issuance fee annually.

    World Credit Card

    World card is obtainable only by invitation and has SR 1,000 annual card issuance fee. The card is highly accepted worldwide, can avail of various brands discounts and facilitates earnings for Tadallal Rewards program.

    Card members of World card get access to many airport lounges. Members are covered with travel accident insurance, travel medical benefits, luggage and trip inconvenience protection.They are also entitled for worldwide legal and medical referrals free.

    Travelers using World credit card are provided with exclusive offers on restaurants, hotels and other establishments through the World Privileged Access Programme. They can also avail of Global concierge services at all time.

    Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards holders of World card are covered with purchase protection, have extended warranty on purchased items, can easily get card replacement and avail of emergency cash replacement any time.