What Saudi Investment Bank is committed into?

Saudi Investment Bank is a prominent banking institution in Saudi Arabia committed to promoting the welfare of private, industrial as well as commercial sectors.

The company thrived to be an excellent alternative to giant financial institutions in the Kingdom; they offer products and services that are designed to cater to the needs of exceptional individual and corporate clientele.

Saudi Investment Bank - Personal and Business Banking

The bank operates in the Kingdom for over thirty-five years now with more than 48 branches and 11 ladies branches.

These branches are spread throughout Saudi Arabia; forty one of which are under ALASALAH Brand.

The company envisioned to become the choice of aspiring individuals and businesses as financial partner; and be able to establish long-term relationship with them.

They focused on core products with specific offers for every client category, and be separated from others through quality service and efficiency.

Additionally, they intend in developing a culture that promotes ownership, customer focus, collaboration and operational excellence.

SAIB believed that all of these can be accomplished through strengthening employees’ loyalty by introducing them into performance driven environment.

Saudi Investment Bank Development Consistency

The Saudi Investment Bank with its consistent efforts to keep abreast with competition introduces their new website that incorporates various tools and applications to ensure success on the internet.

The website features access of the full version by using mobile or smartphone.

Be able to share information through the popular social media or via electronic mail.

With the website, know the answers to Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) that will greatly help understanding how to maximize resources and privileges from SAIB.

With the applications of Google Maps, customers can conveniently locate the ATM or branch nearest to them.

Doing personal visit to the bank can be tedious to some customers; the website offers the opportunity to apply for services online.

Email newsletters are sent from the website to subscribers that they may be able to know firsthand the new launches as well as exclusive offers.

Saudi Investment Bank is confident that the improvement of the website will be useful to people especially to their loyal subscribers.

Saudi Investment Bank Community Service

Saudi Investment Bank - Community CommitmentSAIB exhibits sustainable efforts and achievements related to social, environmental and economic aspect of the surrounding community.

The bank contributes to the educational sector through the provision of training and development programs for university students in Saudi Arabia.

They also show their support to the health care program in the Kingdom.

The company shows an active participation in the social events and activities in the community, which provides betterment on daily living.

The Saudi Investment Bank shows transparency to the community by releasing annual report that is compiled according to the accepted Global Reporting Initiative.

The report summarizes sustainability efforts as well as the achievements that surround the year’s events related to social, economic and environment.

Moreover, SAID intends to demonstrate lifelong commitment to corporate accountability, transparency and sustainability by using the report and consider it as standard for the future performance and achievements of the company.




The Best Things About Saudi Hollandi WORLD Creditcards

Get into the world of Saudi Hollandi WORLD Creditcards and enjoy great time of shopping, travel or dining.

These cards are accepted worldwide at over thirty million merchant stores and at Automated Teller Machines in 170 countries across the globe.

World card is the fulfillment of your needs in an excellent way and wonderful opportunity to enjoy credit card reward privileges.

Take the advantage of owning the card with superior features applicable to your lifestyle and manner of spending.

It is experiencing the real world through Saudi Hollandi WORLD cards.

Saudi Hollandi World Creditcards - Exceptional Cards

What Saudi Hollandi WORLD Creditcards offer to the world?

It is uncommon to get all the essential privileges from one card, but World card from Saudi Hollandi is an exception.

  • Get the best dining experience for your loved ones through restaurant referrals and necessary reservations.
  • Always impress people on their special day by giving the items that they like and even get those hard to find items; the World card facilitates quality gifts services.
  • Get less to no worry shopping activities and have peace of mind through the card’s Purchase Protection feature.
  • Monitoring credit card transactions is vital for responsible use of cards; Saudi Hollandi provides system for cardholders to view monthly statements and up-to-date card transactions online.
  • Make shopping free from unauthorized used of your card through an enhanced security using instant SMS to approved transactions.
  • Saudi Hollandi WORLD card holders can always expect immediate assistance via 24/7 customer service.

Saudi Hollandi World Creditcards - Exceptional Features

Saudi Hollandi WORLD Creditcards – Comfortable and Safe Travels

Business and executive travelers prefer their own class. It is essential for them to have special luggage, chosen seat, and other exclusive amenities when flying.

Saudi Hollandi through their World credit card takes into consideration these needs and employs card’s features in meeting these requirements.

Most executive travelers have airline loyalty when booking their flight. This is cost effective and gives them the opportunity in taking advantage of travel offers.

Through World card, travelers can also avail of general arrangements conveniently by using the card.

Similarly, business travelers who make reservations to the same hotel every time are rewarded due to their loyalty. These hotels provide transportation services as well.

With World card, frequent travelers can get concierge services at all time by just asking through the company’s call assistance.

Frequent travelers already become very familiar with what they pack for their travels.

They usually have a travel kit containing necessary toiletries and personal things in order to ensure convenient travel.

Card members of Saudi Hollandi WORLD credit cards will never miss out anything before their travel by availing pre-travel advice for critical information.

Safety and security are utmost concern of business travelers especially in protecting their valuables. They usually take all the necessary precautions such as carrying limited amount of cash or using credit cards to ensure protection.

Using the World credit card in paying for travels extends you with travel, medical and accident insurance coverage.

Travelers expect service companies in organizing their itineraries, and get other special services such as room upgrading and special transport facilities.

Saudi Hollandi World Creditcards - Travel Feature

On the other hand, with the Saudi Hollandi WORLD Creditcards they are ensured of travel convenience and safety.



Exclusivity of Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards

The Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards are cards of exceptional class and have unmatched features only this type of card can possess.

This card designed for exclusive lifestyle features premium benefits that are beyond your usual expectations.

Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards - Exceptional Cards

Cardholders that are Preferred, Private or Taqdeer customers of Saudi Hollandi are free from paying the card’s annual fee.

The products purchased that are subject to warranty will get additional value with the provision of extended warranty.

Travelers are treated with access to VIP lounge at international airports. This will ensure convenient and more relaxing trip every time.

Card members are provided constantly with great deals and special offers from their favorite stores in the Kingdom. There is no way that these clients will ever miss a single opportunity to get the best products at discounted price.

Saudi Hollandi Titanium credit cards are protected with smart chip, a safety system that ensures essential security to cardholders.

Tedallal Rewards Program – Titanium Cards

Tedallal Rewards Program is an exceptional feature of Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards.

This feature marks an important privilege of the card that offers value out of the member’s spending through the use of the card.

The program involves three simple processes, which will enable the system to work accordingly; collect, redeem and shop.

Collecting rewards points

Accumulate points through shopping using your Titanium card, SR 6,667 is equivalent to 10,000 points that will entitle the cardholder a voucher worth SR 100.

Again, this is easily achieved by just using the card in the usual purchasing of products and services.

There would be no limitation on the points that cardholders can earn. This gives them great reason of using their card regularly.

The validity of the voucher is two years, giving card members liberal time in deciding what to buy with it.

Gladly, reward points are also applicable to Supplementary cards. Meaning doubles the opportunity to earn points for quicker chances of redeeming vouchers.

Redeeming vouchers with the points

Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards - Rewards Program

The SR 100 vouchers are redeemable any time upon request at 800 124 3000 or via Internet banking. This facilitates immediate release of the voucher to the card members.

Vouchers can be sent through mail within 14 days or pick-up at the nearest bank branch in five days. Choose the method that offers the most convenience.

Shop using the voucher

Upon receipt of the voucher, Saudi Hollandi Titanium credit cards cardholders can start shopping for items at many participating stores and merchants.

Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards – Online Shopping Security

Visa and MasterCard facilitate security system to protect unauthorized use of credit cards when doing shopping online.

The card users should register to participate in the program and get the protection they need.

Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards - Card Protection

The Saudi Hollandi Bank takes security in all seriousness, and is committed in safeguarding privacy of their cardholders.

In view of this, the company initiates several measures in ensuring safe and secure banking.

The bank adopted the online security system through Verified by Visa payment and MasterCard Secure Code to protect online shoppers. These services are free and very simple to apply with the Saudi Hollandi Titanium Creditcards

Users can create their password for use in verifying their online transactions. This serves as an electronic signature for authentication.




Is Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards Reward Program for you?

Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards are reward cards that allow members to earn points along with their spending.

Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards - Reward Cards

The reward provides the opportunity to shop using a voucher at many participating stores and merchants.

Cardholders can start redeeming their voucher in the amount of SR 100 upon accumulating 10,000 points.

Apparently, there will be no limit on the number of points one can earn, and the use of vouchers have two years validity.

Claiming of the vouchers can be done through phone or bank’s Internet Banking. The mail can be received within fourteen days in the mail or five days at the nearest branch.

The reward program is also available to the other cards including Classic, Gold, World and Titanium.

Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards Other Privileges

People can expect other essential features of the Platinum card that will make one’s lifestyle an exceptional experience.

Most credit cards with rewards are maintained with an annual fee, but Platinum credit cards are free for life. This is an additional saving apart from the one which the rewards program already offered.

Products purchased using the card are given free extended warranty. This card’s feature permits enjoyment of quality items with longer life allowance.

Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards - Features

Travelers have wonderful treat for free airport lounge access every time they travel. This is available at Dubai International Airport.

Should cardholders choose to do balance transfers, the card offers zero-percent Murabaha margin rate for three months.

Consistent deals and special offers are extended to card members for them to enjoy unlimited time of shopping.

And they can expect utmost safety during shopping with the incorporation of smart chip in the card for higher level of security and protection.

Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards – Privacy

As a company, Saudi Hollandi prioritized customer’s trust, which is demonstrated through information confidentiality.

They are able to accomplish keeping such trust by implementing the following measures:

  • The bank safeguard the information provide by their customer under strict security standard and confidentiality.
  • They limit collection of information to the minimum by requiring only those that are needed in delivering excellent service to customers.
  • Only authorized personnel of the company are allowed the access to customer’s information. These personnel are highly trained in handling critical data and proper use of the same.Saudi Hollandi Platinum Creditcards - Privacy
  • The company never disclosed customer information to external parties without any previous agreement or authority from them.
  • Proper control and maintenance of confidential information is practiced by the company at all time.
  • The company is in close coordination with the client of how the can facilitate removal of their information from marketing lists or in making request to remove their names from the lists.
  • They keep the customer file complete, accurate, and up-to-date at all times. They provide advice to their customer on how to readily access account information and be able to send notification of any errors for immediate corrections.
  • The company extends the right to the customers in raising complaint to any of its product and services including Saudi Hollandi Platinum credit cards to the Customer Care Unit. They can do this by submitting their complaints through the bank’s official website or calling the Call Center number.



Know What Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards Offer

The Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards have remarkable features that are intended to reward card members.

Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards - Gold Featured Card

Along with the other credit cards of the bank, Gold credit card is designed in meeting the essential spending requirements of the card members.

With the card, all necessary features can be used or applied accordingly, in order to maximize its usefulness as a Visa or MasterCard.

Shop conveniently and take advantage of withdrawing cash wherever and whenever in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Cardholders may choose flexible installments in paying their account.

Get the advantage of enjoying wonderful rewards through Gold credit cards by simply using it in your usual shopping in various shops and online stores.

Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards Features

This credit card has zero-percent profit margin on balance transfer for three months.

Cardholders can avail of various Tedallal offers and special discounts on different brands monthly.

Have a worry-free shopping with online shopping security service. This system ensures that card users are safe in doing their online transactions from fraud and identity theft.

The shopping security feature is supported by the smart chip of the card for higher level of protection and dependable security.

With Saudi Hollandi Gold, cards having cash is available on demand through fund transfer from credit card account to current account. This can be done by just making a call to the bank.

The bank provides access to account statement and up-to-date transaction using Saudi Hollandi Bank online facilities and tell free telephone numbers.

Additionally, cardholders will be well informed through SMS notification sent by the bank for all the transactions made involving the card.

Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards - Essential Card FeaturesThe bank offers reliable customer service through 24-hour Call Center availability at toll-free domestic telephone line as well as international helpline.

Cardholder can make payments for their outstanding credit card balance using SADAD payment networks.

Saudi Hollandi Gold credit cards are highly accepted in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

The Tedallal Rewards Program

Earning the Points

Cardholders of Saudi Hollandi Gold creditcards are automatically qualified to earn points in all their shopping when using the card.

Assuming you spent SR 6,667, this will earn an equivalent of 10,000 points that will entitle you for SR 100 voucher.

A voucher is valued at SR 100.

There would be no limit on the possible number of points that can be earned.

The validity of all earned vouchers is two years.

Favorably, the reward points are also applicable to all supplementary cards.


Saudi Hollandi Gold Creditcards - Tedallal Rewards ProgramCard members can redeem their points with the vouchers.

All they have to do is call the bank at 800 124 3000t and request to redeem their points with SR 100 vouchers. They can also request via Internet Banking.

The vouchers may be sent to the requesting cardholder through mail within fourteen days. They may also get them in five days through the nearest bank branches.


Card members of Saudi Hollandi Gold creditcards can do their shopping with their vouchers.

Upon receipt of the vouchers, customers can start using them in purchasing great items in all participating stores and merchants.



Why a Saudi Credit Cards Hacker Hacks

Do you know why a Saudi Credit Cards Hacker hacks? Actually, there are various reasons and the common ones are to steal and to terrorize.

However, do you believe that hacking credit cards really posts a very serious threat to banks and other financial institutions?

Saudi Credit Cards Hacker - Information

To ensure the security of credit cards owners, banks install systems that will block hackers or instantly check if credit card information is being compromised.

Just recently, a Saudi hacker claimed that he has hacked thousands of Israeli names, ID numbers, personal addresses and credit cards details in order to terrorize Israel.

But, the credit card companies immediately assured the credit card owners and customers that there is no need to panic since all the exposed credit card details have been blocked, funds stolen will be returned, and cardholders will be issued with new credit cards.

Therefore, if you own a credit card; make sure that you frequently check your account in order to verify if your card is not being compromised.

How a Saudi Credit Cards Hacker Hacks

Commonly, a Saudi Credit Cards hacker uses a software for credit card hacking.

This hacking software when used can hack individual’s credit card information such as the credit card number.

Usually, the getting of credit card information is done through an unsecured websites or those that has been compromised by hackers.

To determine if a website is secured, customers are advised to check the bottom right corner of the browser and look for a lock icon.

Keeping the anti virus software updated and setting up a firewall for all internet connections are also good measures to ensure internet security.

In order to know how credit card hackers hack, here is some information that you have to learn:

Credit Cards for Hacking

People should learn that there are two types of cards. One is the debit card wherein some amount of money is available for you to use. The other type is credit card wherein a credit limit is provided for the cardholder to avail when making a purchase.

Since both these types of cards have account numbers, both of them can be hacked.

Using Credit Cards on the Internet

Basically, when you use credit cards on the Internet, you only need to provide the credit card number and the expiry date.

However, when you make a purchase; there are other details that you should provide such as your name, address, contact number, and the 3-digit security code at the reverse side of your credit card.

These details are often the information being hacked by hackers in order to steal money from you.

Methods for Credit Card Hacking

Saudi Credit Cards Hacker - Effective Handling

There are several methods that a Saudi Credit Cards hacker uses for hacking.

One method is frequently used for online shopping or earning money. This method is commonly termed as credit card scam.

Hackers using this method create a clone site or page which they use to get credit card details and use these details to make their own purchases online or get cash from bank accounts.

Another method is used by hackers mainly for knowledge, fun, or online shopping.

Hackers cannot cash money through this method because they can only get the credit card number, personal information and CW2; but not the PIN or 4-digit pass code.

Learning some information on how hackers hack is a big help for credit cardholders in protecting their cards and bank accounts.



Things to Know About Saudi Credit Cards Fraud

Are you aware of Saudi Credit Cards fraud and the how it is perpetuated?

Saudi Credit Cards Fraud - Facts

Credit card fraud is rampant in the Kingdom nowadays as it is in other countries; cardholders, credit card companies and merchants are trying very hard finding ways to eradicate it.

Reports of fraud committed include unauthorized use of cards and even money transfers without the knowledge of the cardholder.

One instance happened in which a person in Saudi Arabia used credit card that is registered in France involving over 1,000 pounds.

Accordingly, the card owner contacted the credit card company and advised that he never authorized the transaction and demands to take back the money used.

The cardholder also seeks help from Saudi authorities to look on the matter; he understands that such sort of crime in the Kingdom is dealt with severe consequences.

How to protect self from Saudi Credit Cards fraud?

Having the knowledge and understanding about credit card fraud is the best way of protection.

Here are some suggestions to safeguard self from card fraud:

Do not be a victim of phishing emails. Phishing emails tricks consumers by making them believe that such emails came from legitimate bank, retailers or government agencies.

Upon clicking on the phishing email, victims will be catered to a phony website and lure them to give bank or credit card information which the thieves use to do the crime.

Review bank and card statements circumspectly.  Immediate reporting of credit card fraud instances in order for the card companies and authorities to act on the matters quickly.

One consequence of delayed reporting is the increased liability in the part of the cardholder which may even lead to losing all the money in one’s account.

The liability of cardholders from a lost card may be limited to a certain amount; but generally, credit card issuers do not charge anything.

Never lose sight of your credit card. Always pay attention while store clerks are swiping the card.

Take the extreme caution if you are handing over your card to helpers when picking up groceries. Safeguard card name, security code and card number.

Protection from Saudi Credit Cards Fraud by Using an ID

Demanding identification card from credit card users is one way to curb card fraud.

The customer’s ID verification is based on the agreement between card companies and banks. The system aims to protect cardholders and helping the retailers in dealing with fraudulent transactions.

Saudi Credit Cards Fraud - ProtectionAlthough retailers are not necessarily responsible in credit card fraud; they will be able to spare themselves from complicated procedures of assisting clients in solving credit card fraud cases.

Some customers may refuse to cooperate initially, but the presentation of ID on credit card transactions can be mandatory.

According to authorities in the Kingdom, demanding identification card from credit card users is right and commendable measure in securing credit card transactions.

Since credit card may be stolen and used by the thieves; demanding identification card may prevent them in doing their fraudulent intentions.

Some credit card issuers even implement printing of cardholder’s photo at the back of the credit card, which is useful for legitimate user identification.

Saudi Credit Cards Fraud is a fact and already happening around the Kingdom; knowledge and understanding is the best tool for safety and protection.



The Saudi Credit and Saving Bank

The Saudi Credit and Saving Bank are among the institutions that contribute to the establishment of the Saudi Arabia government.

The bank extends loans for the people in the Kingdom and equipped them to be a part in the growth of this prosperous nation.

With the government’s intention of providing wide range of essential services, new Royal Decree was issued in placed of a former decree.

The decree intends to accomplish objectives that include:

  • Providing interest-free loans for the small enterprises, employers and future traders and encourage them to conduct businesses of their own independently.
  • Providing interest-free loans (Social Loans) for the citizens of the Kingdom having limited incomes and extend assistance to help them in overcoming financial difficulties.
  • Be able to act as coordinator for MSME sector.
  • Be able to provide encouragement for institutions and individuals of the Kingdom to save and help those finding appropriate tools in achieving their goal.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank - Business Growth

The bank also extends interest-free loans specifically for social purposes such as family support, marriage and renovation; this is in addition to the vocational loans intended for small businesses and taxi owners.

The Saudi Credit and Saving Bank is capable of delivering services efficiently to the people with increased capital through their 26 branches located at different regions in Saudi Arabia.

There are branches in key cities including Jeddah, Riyadh, Ahsa, Dammam, Madinah, Mushayt, Khamis, Buraidah, Makkah, Tabuk, Jizan, Taif, Jawf, Hail, Wadi Aldawaser, Baha, Najran, Khari, Qunfudah, Majmaa, Bisha, Dawadmi, Hafr al-Batin, Gurayat, Arar, Yanbu and Al-Namas.

Saudi Credit and Saving Bank Lending Program

The bank will carry out their objectives in providing loans through the lending program they created.


The MASARAT program is uniquely designed and divided to five types corresponding to the different factors measured according to the investment size of the project, activity and other characteristics of fund seekers.

The bank is hoping to raise quality funded projects through MASARAT program and they opened the field in order to prioritize investors in presenting their intentions.

They provide opportunity for people with special projects that belong to industrial and service groups with the cost of investment that is more than 300,000 riyals.

The program also extends ways to help productive families doing business at home by providing the necessary financial support.

Additionally, the program supports people who intend to operate taxis and other individual heavy transport.

The program provides attention and assistance in accordance with the government policy to support small entrepreneurs and other emerging projects that are believed to be the major contributors to development.


Saudi Credit and Saving Bank - LoansThe program intends in meeting essential social requirement of marriage, family and home improvement loans with a maximum limit of 45,000 SR payable to 750 riyals monthly installments.

The bank largely depends on the information system and other electronically supported services in dealing with their customers.

In addition, the Saudi Post helps in receiving documents that are related to the social application loans. This helps fast activation of electronic transactions and reduces the inconvenience of visiting bank branches.

The Saudi Credit and Saving Bank continuously attempts in making excellent moves in their work mechanisms, strategies, programs and services by taking advantage of international experiences and consultations combined.




The Significance of Saudi American Express Limited in the Middle East

Saudi American Express Limited is engaged in the operation and ownership of the American Express merchant and card business in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company was established in 1999 and has its main office at Al Maather Street, Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi American Express Limited - Presence in the Middle East

Saudi American Express is a business venture between American Express Middle East and the Saudi Investment Bank.

American Express credit cards have been in the market for decades and accepted in almost every country and territories worldwide.

On the other hand, Saudi Investment Bank is one the best banks in the Middle East in terms of products, services, and profitability.

Therefore, even if Amex credit cards are already being offered in Saudi Arabia for more than twenty years, the joint venture of these two institutions has provided better services and unique products to existing and prospective Amex customers.

Saudi Amex Ltd. has done significant efforts in providing services and products that not only meet, but even exceed the expectations of their customers.

Their customer service is one of the best and always available to help both current and prospective customers.

Why Saudi American Express Limited Wins Global Awards

Saudi American Express Limited - Providing Excellent ServicesSaudi American Express Limited is only one of the many companies that owns and operates American Express cards and services in a particular country of territory.

But, what makes this company different from others? This difference is what made the company stands out and wins global awards.

Among the factors that make Saudi Amex stands out include:

  1. Development of Innovative Marketing Strategies. We all know that competition is inevitable in the business world. However, developing marketing strategies that are unique and effective, and yet not damaging to other businesses, is a very serious task. Saudi American Express Limited is able to come up with innovative marketing strategies that bring continuous improvements and success in their operations and profitability.
  2. Unique Products and Services. The company always has its customers in mind and the development and introduction of unique products and services are the strong evidence of this commitment. Actually, these unique products and service surpass the expectations of the customers and brought the company great success and tremendous business growth.
  3. Excellent Customer Service. Customary to American Express network is to give the fullest service to its customers. But, Saudi Amex goes beyond the expectations of their customers. The company makes sure that the customers get only the best and nothing less. Providing training and support to the front liners in order to give the best service is among the priorities of the company.
  4. Technology and Operations Enhancements. To cope with the growing trends in technology and operation systems and procedures, the company continuously seeks enhancements and improvements.

Installing the latest systems and operational procedures coupled with upgrades in its offices and branches help the company to perform effectively and deliver world-class products and services to customers, especially to the Saudi Arabians.

There are a lot more reasons why this company receives awards and recognition from different organizations.

What matters most to Saudi American Express Limited is the quality of service they provide to their customers and the welfare of their staff, which makes them qualified for awards and recognition.



The Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

The Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards are cards made easy. The company has proven this by offering the best line of credit cards that provide convenience and flexibility.

Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Simple Cards

These cards are perfected to meet the needs of different types of customers and suit their personal preferences.

Whatever your spending requirements, credit card is the best alternative for cash to settle all of them.

Whether you pay for shopping, pay your bills or make reservations, Saudi Hollandi Bank credit cards are the best way to do it.

Other than making payments, these cards offer earning of rewards, getting discounts from stores and avail special privileges when traveling.

Further, owning the cards will entitle the cardholders in receiving exclusive services designed to match their lifestyle.

Features of Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

Credit cards from Saudi Hollandi Bank are bundled with excellent features that are essential for daily use.

  • The annual fee is free for first year of card membership.
  • Facilitates balance transfer with zero-percent profit for three months.
  • Cardholders have option in paying their purchases by installment basis; three, six, twelve or up to sixty months payment terms.
  • Availability of Supplementary cards for other members of the family.
  • Card capability of earning reward points through Tadallal Rewards Programme.Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Card Choices
  • Convenient cash transfer from card to bank account through phone call or online.
  • Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards facilitate getting up-to-date discounts and special offers from different brands.
  • The cards are equipped with smart chip and have instant SMS notification in order to secure cardholders in their online shopping.
  • Choosing the Best Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards

    Saudi Hollandi Bank lined up wide range of cards to match personal needs and exclusive lifestyles.

    Gold Credit Card

    Gold card is accepted worldwide, eligible to get discounts and capable of earning reward points.

    The card has yearly SR 350 card issuance fee, requires SR 5,000 minimum monthly salary to apply (if salary is transferred to bank), SR 8,000 (If salary transferred to other bank).

    Titanium Credit Card

    Titanium card has worldwide acceptance, discounts available from various brands, includes SHB Reward program.

    Members of this card have free airport lounge access. The card requires SR 450 annual card issuance fee, minimum monthly salary of SR 10,000 when applying.

    Platinum Credit Card

    Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards - Card Features

    Platinum card is accepted worldwide, get discounts from different brands, can earn points for Tadallal Rewards Programme.

    Moreover, members of this card get free access to various airport lounges, covered by travel accident insurance, can avail trip inconvenience protection, have travel medical benefits, and provided with luggage protection.

    The card is also entitled for purchase protection, has free extended warranty coverage on items purchased, can get immediate card replacement and avail of emergency cash replacement.

    In applying for Platinum card, one must have minimum monthly salary of SR 15,000. The card has SR 600 card issuance fee annually.

    World Credit Card

    World card is obtainable only by invitation and has SR 1,000 annual card issuance fee. The card is highly accepted worldwide, can avail of various brands discounts and facilitates earnings for Tadallal Rewards program.

    Card members of World card get access to many airport lounges. Members are covered with travel accident insurance, travel medical benefits, luggage and trip inconvenience protection.They are also entitled for worldwide legal and medical referrals free.

    Travelers using World credit card are provided with exclusive offers on restaurants, hotels and other establishments through the World Privileged Access Programme. They can also avail of Global concierge services at all time.

    Saudi Hollandi Bank Creditcards holders of World card are covered with purchase protection, have extended warranty on purchased items, can easily get card replacement and avail of emergency cash replacement any time.