Sears Credit Card and Its Pros and Cons

Sears Credit Card - Great for Shopping

Sears Credit Card – Great for Shopping

Sears credit card has four kinds of cards.

The Sears Card, a retailer card, is the one that can only be used at stores owned by the company, such as Sears, Land’s End, Kmart, and The Great Indoors.

Many consumers are familiar with this card.

The other card is Sears MasterCard, which is issued by Citibank and can be used at all establishments where MasterCard is accepted.

This credit card is a very good combination of the purchasing flexibility of MasterCard and the savings and special offers at Sears.

On the other hand, the Sears Commercial One Card is ideal if you are doing business since it comes with services to track your expenses and itemize your invoice.

You can make a purchase either by fax, phone, and in-store.

The fourth Sears credit card is the Sears Home Improvement Account.

This card is ideal if you are making large purchases for your home or office improvements.

While Sears’s cards do offer some helpful benefits, there are also some downsides that you need to know.

Therefore, before you fill out an application for any of the cards available, it is best that you first determine which one you do really need and read reviews about it.

The Pros about Sears Credit Card

Let’s look at the features of these cards that are beneficial.

    • Sears Card

This card offers monthly savings, important discount coupons, exceptional financing offers, and safe access to your credit score.

    • Sears MasterCard

Sears MasterCard offers monthly savings and valuable coupon codes exclusively for card owners, special funding facilities, rewards program, and view your individual credit score.

    • Sears Commercial One

With this card, you can save cash and time when you purchase garden tractors, Kenmore appliances, and much more for your business.It provides monitoring of your expenditures, detailed invoice, and itemized billing information.

    • Sears Home Improvement Account

This card enables you to make easy monthly payments on large purchases and make the credit line limits on your other cards accessible.It guarantees a 24/7 customer support, safety, and privacy.

The Downsides of Sears Credit Card

Sears Credit Card - Apply onlineHere are some of the ugly things about Sears credit card that you should know.

    • Rocket High Interest Rates

One of the most common complaints about the Sears card is the very high APRs they carry.Their APR can go as high as 25.24%.

    • Very Few Benefits

When you check online for the benefits for each card, you can see a bullet point list of the benefits, but consumers that there is nothing extra ordinary about them because other credit cards offer the same benefits.

    • Crappy Rewards

The rewards program is offered only on the Sears MasterCard and the value is similar with all the other credit cards.Credit card owners and applicants are not impressed with this offer.

    • Terrible Customer Service

You can see numerous complaints on Sears very own website about the customer service of Sears.Most people say that the customer service of Sears is so poor.

So, what is the verdict? It will all depend on what you need. Sears cards offer benefits that are helpful.

Downsides are common to all, so if those will not bother you, then you can very well apply and get yourself a Sears Credit Card.