Union Plus Credit Cards – The Right Card for the Right People

Union Plus Credit Cards - Card  of the Union

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards Services.

Union Plus credit cards are consumer friendly cards that offer great benefits for union members together with their families.

Being union member, if you are interested in having a credit card, it is beneficial to check over more than what the big card companies have to offer.


According to a study, among the twelve biggest credit card issuing companies and twelve biggest issuers of credit union card, the latter has better consumer-friendly offers.

Union Plus credit cards claim to provide valuable goods and services available for their card members.

However, prospective members of this card must be certain that the Union Plus card is really the card for them by checking on some details.

Union Plus Credit Card Services
What is all About Union Plus Credit Cards?

  • Union Plus Cards – Card Membership

The Union Plus cards are owned by the members.

It works as a non-profit organization with a goal of giving valuable services to members.

The Union Card accepts application for home loans, car loans, credit cards and others.

It has wide range of terms concerning cash advance, overlimit, and late payment fees.

  • Union Plus Cards – Applicant’s Second Chances

What is more convenient for applicants than having a chance to seek for reconsideration?

When your application with the Union Plus card is turned down, you can actually ask to look at your application once again.

Most credit unions have committees composed of members and employees that can look over the declined application. All it requires is a letter containing your request.

The committee takes into consideration the applicant’s income and expenditures, credit history, as well as your intention in applying.

They may even ask the applicant to attend seminars for personal finance courses in order to educate them.

  • Union Plus Cards – Help in Times of Needs

Union Plus credit cards provide excellent customer service by attending to the needs of their members especially during financial difficulties.

They extend loan and credit card term modifications in order to assist members who want to improve their financial situations.

  • Union Plus Cards – Accessibility

Although it is a fact that Union Plus card have few branches, they are linked with the network that is affiliated with thousands of Automated Teller Machine across the U.S. and other countries.

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards
Benefits of Union Plus Credit Cards

Union Plus Credit Cards - Members Benifits

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards

The Union plus card offers benefits to its members that they deserve.

  • The card members have assurance of available help to resolve concerns and problems.
  • The card has competitive rates and do not have penalty rates on the balances of members who miss payments or gone overlimit.
  • The members are eligible to apply for Job Loss Grants, Disability Grants, Hospital Care Grants, Furlough Grants, Strike Grants, Disaster Grants, and Union Plus Scholarship.
  • Whenever needed, the members are given free counseling on credit and budgeting, as well as counseling for bankruptcy and debt management plans that are all free of charge.

Union Plus card credit technically have no rewards; however, they are loaded with many benefits and valuable discounts for their card members.

Additionally, if you are reluctant of applying and thinking you will not be qualified because of poor credit history, a Union Plus secured credit card is made available for you.