Why Aren’t You Using Wireless Credit Cards Processing Machine?

Wireless Credit Cards - Provide mobility and convenience

You have probably heard it a hundred times that wireless credit cards processing machines are the best tools to do business nowadays.

Wireless card processing provides a whole new world of mobility and convenience for you and your business.

It is very easy for you to process credit cards whether across the globe or across the room, and even right in front of your customer.

If you are making sales at seminars, trade shows, product launching, flea markets, or other events; wireless card processing is very necessary.

It is also an indispensable tool if you need to process payments while visiting a customer on site or from your vehicle.

How Does Wireless Credit Cards Processing Work?

Wireless Credit Cards - Get the best credit card processing machineHere is a brief illustration on how wireless credit card processing work that can help you decide if this processing is workable for you and your business.

  • The process starts when you slide the credit card of the customer through the wireless card machine and enter the amount of sale.Similar to how cellular phone works, your wireless card machine will also hook up to a radio tower.
  • The transmitting tower will route the information of the transaction to the processor of your service provider.
  • The processor of your service provider will forward the information to the issuing bank of your customer’s credit card.If the card is valid and the amount is available, the bank will allocate the corresponding funds for the transaction and send a number for approval back to the processor of your service provider.On the other hand, if the transaction is disapproved by the issuing bank, the bank will send a decline message to the processor of your service provider.
  • The processor of your service provider will then pass the information back to your wireless credit card machine.Your wireless machine will print a receipt to be signed by your customer if the card and sale are approved.
  • The entire process only takes about ten minutes, so you can process as many credit card payments in a very short time.
  • Lastly, after processing your credit card payments, you now settle your account.You can either settle it manually or let your service provider do the settling of your accounts automatically at a specific time each day.The issuing banks for the credit cards used by your customers will transfer the funds to your service provider.Your service provider will then deposit the funds to your merchant account, which will be ready for your use depending on the policies of the particular banks.

What Is Your Next Step?

Wireless Credit Cards - Bring your business to the next levelPut these wireless credit cards processing machines to the test right away and find out how it can make wonders for your business.

Using a wireless credit card reader provides you mobility and your customer convenience and peace of mind.

Investing in a wireless credit card machine is worthy because you will get the support that you need from your merchant service provider to ensure that your customer’s information is secure and safe.

Take your business to the next level beyond the confines of your office with the use of wireless credit card processing machine.